Friday, June 28, 2002

Another Breakout at Woomera

run guys, run!!!

The Who were the voice of a new breed and their concerts were literally explosive - a fusion of audacious acrobatics, martial precision and high octane rock 'n' roll that blew away audiences and left the stage and their instruments a smouldering wreck.

John Entwhistle, the bass player, died. What a total bummer - they were on the simpsons the other day.

Wednesday, June 26, 2002

ascii animation that will melt your brain. Japanese. Work friendly -- only if you work in the adult entertainment industry. Via Boing Boing.

Bill: Subgenii around the world will herald this child's appearance as a good omen for this year's XXXXX-Day, or V-Day, or kill me. They highly value Yeti-like appearance and skills -- unlike the simple folk the child is doomed to live with.

Everyone: Fancy making Friday night a Melbourne International Animation Festival night? It's got everything: Scottish stuff, Heenglish stuff, Pythonian nonsense and some other shit. I seem to remember 'doing' an animation festival with summayouze last year ...! Here is some badly-ripped links. Tickets are moving rather quickly I hear.

FRI 28 Treasury Theatre, tel 9416 4199 to order
6 pm International Program 5
7:45pm My Neighbours the Yamadas (anime feature)
9:45pm Late Night Comedy
11:15pm Monty Python's Flying Circus Animation Collection


I can't fucking beleieve it,he's now sending ICQs under her name to apologise for sending icqs under her name!!


Tuesday, June 25, 2002

Hmm the ICQ's were sent to her on her machine when ICQ was off line,so someones had to log on to her machine and start ICQ.
Then read the mails.
ICQ,mail,email...I see no real difference

Not happy about this ,not happy at all.


thanks for all your poorly spelled advice.

Love to you all.
Please take a number and wait your turn.


HIM take HIM by force...

erm.... mr 4.0.... you DID notice it was on tv on the 23rd of June, right?

mr x - if 'twas icq, then fairsizemuff. twasn't, let's roadtrip to brizzy an take her by force.

Monday, June 24, 2002

Alex: Have adjusted los bloggerino so anyone not on fat pipes can actually see what's going on.

Pol: Did the creepy man read an email or an icq? If it was an icq and it just popped up (which you can set it to do) then it's fair enough if he replies and says she's not there. It's not fair enough if it was either an email that he opened, or if he pretended to be her and asked you what you were wearing... (it's creepy).

World Cup: Apparently, the guys in the Korean studio that we're working with aren't too impressed with their win; they didn't think they deserved it... go figure. It has to be said that they're doing very well, but the weird conspiracy theories are flying thick and fast. Also, after having braved Young and Jackson's to watch the England vs Brasil match (riddle me this, batman - where else in the city will actually have room five minutes before the match starts?) where Beck and I got to stand next to a drunk old guy called Barney who thought we should both be models (Hah!) I think I'll watch the final from the safety of my own home, and then run through the streets in my bobble hat and scarf shouting "ENG-ER-LAND!!!" in a few weeks time when the fuss has died down and scary people are too discombobulated to beat me up.

Bizarre thing #346: For some reason the counter at the side of feistynoodle has started working for me now that I've got my new pc...

Ok,here's a morality question for you all.
As you may or may not know I have been seeing a gal on and off who is up in Brizzy.
Now she is a polyamorous type,that is to say has many lovers.
She is on ICQ,and we Q pretty often.
She has been flat out doing this course so I haven't heard much in a wee while,but do send the occassional one liner to her.

Now I get a Q from her the other day,but it isn't her it's one of her other chaps,who has been reading her mail and thinks that it is entirely ok to
reply to me saying she is off at college.

Now given the circumstances,no actually in ANY fucking circumstances would any of you think it was ok to read someone elses mail,
which it would be a safe bet to assume may well be of an erotic manner,and then reply under someone elses mail address????

Is it just me or are the wheels falling off the fucking worlds ability to cop on?

Fuckwits are go.
Ok so we have a gal in common,but that is a sepereate thing entirely.

Answers as ever on a postman


Alex....23 skidoo....nufff said,I shall say no more....foryour own protection mate,for your own protection.

Illuminati are GO!!!!

Sunday, June 23, 2002

* Feisty: can you make the page load quicker? Last 10 or 20 posts only?

* Love how the Korean Soccerfans all quietly left the stadium when their team won. Guess they don't know how to riot just yet ... although their unions and students sure know how to party. Funny thing is, all the security and cops outside the venue were watching the game as well ... if there *had* been any trouble, they would have been slow to respond ... maybe

* That match ran half-an-hour overtime! This forced SBS to drop the 'Washington DC and several of its landmarks were designed by Masonic Architects!' episode of 'Conspiracies'! It's a conspiracy! (there's no way the Rep. of Korea would have won anyway. That ball wasn't anywhere near over the line ...)

* When's the next drinkies session? World Cup Final Pub action, anyone? Or perhaps the 4th of July ... see if anything blows up [/not funny]

* Just finished watching 'Enemy of the State' on 7 ... lost count of the times the number 23 appeared on the screen. What's so important about the number 23? The truth is, I don't know. And neither do these guys.

Wednesday, June 19, 2002

your greeaaaat Eve.

Damn timelords indeed.

I found out yesterday, during the course of a meeting, that Bruno Grollo's construction company, GroCon, translates phonetically into french as "gros con" - which means big vagina. Kind of appropriate for someone known for his phallic constructions... A strange thing to learn at a meeting, but it was one of those meetings... at one point someone shouted out "Damn timelords, they only ever show up for parties!!"
I left soon after.

Tuesday, June 18, 2002

Pol, it's ok to gun for Eng-er-land at the moment, cause they're up against Brazil in the quarter finals, and don't stand a cat in hell's chance. I might get a bit patriotic and moist-eyed when they're playing, but I'm nothing if not pragmatic.

My 2p worth (about $4.25AU) about the Falklands... I remember looking up where the Falklands were in my trusty atlas a few years ago... there were all these little symbols dotted around the Falklands coastal waters... shaped kinda like, ooh, I dunno, oil rigs? Of course, we were just defending the honour of the good people of these islands... notihng to do with the millions of pounds of revenue that the UK was getting from the black gold.

Pardon the screaming habdabs there chaps,get a bit feisty about the Grocers daughter.

Also did anyone see Dubya putting his head on the block last night?

The eejit has said to CAMERA that he is going to send the CIA to off Saddam!

He has just mared himself as target #1 and it is now legal to off Dubya!!

Declared intention to kill someone illegally,the concerned party is legally allowed to defend himself,or ask others to watch his back.
I don't think he will have nay trouble getting people with knives and spikes and guns and the likes.

But it's alright coz lil Dubya is doing for his pa!

Bill did you see the senegal player getting the ball in point blamk in the gents?


I am the goatse man.

Not really that big on the world game, incidentally. But funny-ha-ha photos always make me chortle. Is this player's name really O no? *huge-shit-eating-grin*

btw ... most of my links are belong to

Edit: If England lose, you can always say that your opponent used an electro-magnetic matrix in conjunction with metallic netting on the ball to manipulate the course of penalty shots like the Russians did ... via Pravda. It's not on their satire page ... does this make it not-satire?

Current and Ex-IMH employees may remember the Beardy Weirdy who worked on Famous Faces, David somethingorother. He brought his Vectrex into work one day, and I falled in lurrv with its upright vector graphics display and analog sticks, not putting too fine a point on it. This was after the 'my old box is older than your old box' series at Queens Rd, when Richard Allen brought that unit in that had the stick built into the keyboard. So anyways ... I was smitten and I'm top bidder for now on this old unit over at eBay ... keep off ya fuckers, it's mine ;) no overlays though. bummer.

Pol I read earlier that the Falklands war was the scene of some of the most spectacular naval action (boom boom) of the past hundred years. I guess that was before the Tamils started mixing it up with their suicide speedboats ... I remember something in Briggs' When The Wind Blows about the General and the Iron Maiden ... and the Secret Diary of Adrian Mole, for that matter, as well as The Invisibles, all mentioning the war, but nothing to mention how one-sided it was. Did you hear much about the watery bits?

PS whatever it is you're drinking, I'll have half, 'cause then you have to go with half less =) Want a housemate? I'm on the market soonish ...

Monday, June 17, 2002

i just liked the description of britneys naval as a surrogate vulva.

it's so wonderfully over the top and brings something to the table that perhaps doesn't exist.

or maybe it does.

either way, i thought the whole piece was kind of odd, considering i was looking for stuff about victorian names and death rituals.

and don't worry mr sigerson, i won't tell anyone about your side swapping for the world cup.

Secondly....I'm afraid that I have not scooby one who Bort Flancrest is??

Answers on a post man

Remember '82!!

bollox,remember the next 4 years bought of the Iron Cunt,bought with the blood
of idiot pomgolian squaddies and adolescent argentine conscripts.
By Jingo

I remember my mates mum,who was very well connected to the insiders in the Scottish Labour party,
getting aher eldest sons passport in order and getting him an openen ended top whack ticket to Dublin.

Conscription was the loss of one more ship away.
That is incidentally entirely true,as I heard about it later directly from Donald Dewar,the first minister of the scottish parliament.

Eve,Alex,Ian,you'll remember Simon Ashford,his brother was in one parra there.
And he said it was a total fuckin' slaughter.The Argetinian army were kids,who they were obliged to shoot.

Hmmmmm....but they're still a bunch of cheating diving play acting cunts,at football anyway.
(embarressing secret....I'm quite keen on England for the Cup....don't tell anyone Scottish)

and as ever here is a selection of letters that I will no doubt have left out

Bort: "POST PROOF OR RETRACT". We demand to see photomographic evidence of this allegedly altered posterior.

BJB: But does it have Grace Jones in it? WAAAAA

Harry: If you include a Britney-like character in yer epic you may get mentioned in another similarly wanky post modern blah blah analysis. Question is, do you want this?

Pol: yarda yarda watched England beat the Argies with some hormonal tosser who kept yelling REMEMBER 82! and so on. Wanker. Almost made me proud to be Australian, but the only thing that will do that is when Prime Minister Stott-Despoja (or Brown) says Sorry, closes all the US Bases within our borders, and ditto for all the asylum seeker concentration camps. They'll be making our licence plates and garments next.

Anyone familiar with the 'excuse me son, let's see if you've got any knives in your bag' laws in Sydney may be interested to know that they don't actually exist. It seems that the cops are just making it up as they go along...

oh happy happy joy joy happy happy joy (minor spoilers) thanks Garth

I have a tanned bum.

Sunday, June 16, 2002

i found this while rummaging around for researchy things.

bitch is everywhere: click here

maybe i should change the name of one of the female characters in my book to britney......hhhhhmmmm

Friday, June 14, 2002

i'm going to ignore the arse conversation completely, and slip into something more comfortable.

hey alex, dunno if you'll read this before i call you (which i'll try & do sunday. i've got a pile of stuff to finish this weekend, like every weekend)

things are pretty hectic for me just now, got loads to write seeing as i want to apply for university at the end of this year. i'm almost finished the second draft of the it's a wonderful life thing and the first draft of my little wooden girl story, so i guess provided they just wanted something knocked out and they could go off & do it without much more input from me that might work.

which is what i'm hoping to do with the animation: finish the storyboard, and hand it off to my animator of choice for a few months. got to start the ball rolling on that this weekend as well :)

i like being busy, feels like life is moving forward.

You could have an erect bottom on your other hand if you were into furtling, I suppose.

I think the woman was blissfully unaware that her jacket didn't come down far enough, and her jogging pants(!) didn't come up far enough. So, luckily, she didn't glare at me. (Although she did look a bit like a manatee.) But the bum was bright white and offended my eyes with the glare. There's nothing wrong with having a white bottom, I own one myself, and, being a bit nippy outside, I doubt many feistynoodlers have perfectly tanned butts - the point is - we don't get them out on the tram - at least - I hope not.
It was just... unexpected... and it made me come over all unnecessary.

Oh come on, so you had a near-bum experience with some poor woman's Frau-arsche. Was it hairy? Did it SMELL FUNNY? And did its owner glare at you for objectifying her, just like the media programmed you to? Dr Katz episode flashback: "What if the Manatee was a guest on the Riki Lake Show? 'Riki I can't get laid.' 'I wanna talk to the sea-pig' 'That's sea-cow.' 'Whatever. You're fat, you gotta get Weight-Watchers' 'I have a layer of blubber to keep me warm in the water!' 'Whatever, talk to my hand.'
You're right, being surprised by a flaccid bottom isn't much fun. Being surprised by an erect bottom, on the other hand, is delightful, wouldn't you say? (You have erect bottoms on the other hand? You need to get a new manicurist.)

Damnit Bort, now I have to defend my honour. Or something. Someone else had the FBCS. It was not nice; being surprised by a flaccid bottom when you're on the tram is definitely not good. Although I am rather thankful that it wasn't any larger.

You mean you had your crack showing, or you saw it?

If you saw it, was it nice?

Did it smell of lavender?

By writing about it, have I just made your secretive mouse scrolling message obsolete?

Every now and again, you see something so disturbing that, at the risk of alienating your friends, you feel obliged to share. This happened to me this morning on the tram. So - if you don't want to know, don't scroll your mouse over the next line of text.
*Female Bum Crack Syndrome.*
Oh god it was horrible.

*does the dance of the contented stalker*

What Type of Villain are You?
href="" target="new"> / <º>

Hey Harry, I found a 'help wanted' ad in Peril Underground from a couple of artists who draw real purty but can't script for shit. They need a writer. Can you bring yourself to share your ideas and stuff with others? Want a side-project? Of course, these arty folks 'ere on FN could probably throw something together too but they're like busy all the time right ... gimme a bell if you're interested eh?

Thursday, June 13, 2002

not much chop being a professional villan who's unemployed....

What Type of Villain are You? /

I did it and got the criminal mastermind with mild homoerotic overtones.

ok I didn't do the blasted quiz,I would have you know,but I couldn't be fucked.

And re no grog,and not hung over,it turns out that this was because I was still drunk.

I'm so proud.

*eep* accurate!

What Type of Villain are You? /

Yep, this'll do. At least I'm not Yoda.

What Type of Villain are You? /

Looky here, an app that tracks sattellittes (when in doubt double L and T everything).
hot dang.

Am giving up the grog for a spell,and no I have no hang over, just giving it up so i can give up the fags.
Lungs like tarpaper,getting lapped by old folks.


"just need to find an animator"

stop looking at me that way harry!! you know I haven't made "those" kinda films in years.

animation festival? Autobots! Transform! Right-click, save as, 1.5Mb, mpg format. Noice.

Wednesday, June 12, 2002

holy crap, this snuck up on us!

melbourne international animation festival : 25 - 30 June 2002

i only went rummaging for it because i've started storyboarding that idea for an animation i had about a chair in a cafe that falls in love with the woman who sits on him

just need to find an animator.


Beautiful example of ascii art there.
It truely is an under valued school of the arts.

Read nishlord's review of the England Argentina game and just about shat,it is piss funny.
"couldn't hit a cows arse with a banjo"
It's nice when you see something you say in print.

Oooh thunder and lightning...very very frightening.


Tuesday, June 11, 2002

Bill, those dating game shenanigans from were originally performed by Something Awful Goons, of which I am a proud constituent.


Regardless, there will be a concentration of Australian Goons in Sydney next month. Dunno if I'm going ... although they are planning some Commando Tourism.

And now, some breasts.

8888 8888888
888 8::888888::::::::::::::::::88888888888 888
88::::88888888::::m::::::::::88888888888 8
88888888888888888:::88888:::::M888888888888888 8888
88888888888888888:::88888::::M::;o*M*o;888888888 88
88888888888888888:::8888:::::M:::::::::::88888888 8
8888888888888888888:::8::::::M::aAa::::::::M8888888888 8
88 8888888888::88::::8::::M:::::::::::::888888888888888 8888
88 88888888888:::8:::::::::M::::::::::;::88:88888888888888888
8 8888888888888:::::::::::M::"@@@@@@@"::::8w8888888888888888
888888888:::::8:::::::::M8888888MAmmmAMVMM888*88888888 88888888
888888 M:::::::::::::::M888888888:::::::MM88888888888888 8888888
8888 M::::::::::::::M88888888888::::::MM888888888888888 88888
888 M:::::::::::::M8888888888888M:::::mM888888888888888 8888
888 M::::::::::::M8888:888888888888::::m::Mm88888 888888 8888
88 M::::::::::::8888:88888888888888888::::::Mm8 88888 888
88 M::::::::::8888M::88888::888888888888:::::::Mm88888 88
8 MM::::::::8888M:::8888:::::888888888888::::::::Mm8 4
8M:::::::8888M:::::888:::::::88:::8888888::::::::Mm 2
88 888MM:::888:M:::::::::::::::::::::::M:8888:::::::::M:
8 88888M:::88::M:::::::::::::::::::::::MM:88::::::::::::M
88888 M:::8::MM:::::::::*88*::::::::::M:::::::::::::::::88@@
8888 MM::::::MM:::::::::::::::::::::MM:::::::::::::::::88@@
888 M:::::::MM:::::::::::::::::::MM::M::::::::::::::::*8
888 MM:::::::MMM::::::::::::::::MM:::MM:::::::::::::::M
88 M::::::::MMMM:::::::::::MMMM:::::MM::::::::::::MM
88 MM:::::::::MMMMMMMMMMMMMMM::::::::MMM::::::::MMM
88 MM::::::::::::MMMMMMM::::::::::::::MMMMMMMMMM
88 8MM::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::MMMMMM

Purdey is creepy. I still awake at night screaming, in a cold sweat at the thought of Purdey. She has the devils eyes.

Dating Games for the sick and twisted here (language and concept warning, but it's piss funny so go take a look anyway)

nicked from bamf

I'm not going to do that test, knowing my luck, I'll end up as Yoda again. League of Gentlemen is very cool, especially for the fact that the town is named after Roy Chubby Brown's non stage name; I may have to borrow it, Dan.
Something I forgot to mention earlier, cause I was off work when it happened - Bill and I found out that Purdey and Kudra are truly sight-dominant dogs... why? cause they went nuts barking at the bronze dog statue at the corner of Swanston and Collins Street. Purdey also figured out that dogs live in the TV when Harry's Practice is on, and stuck her nose against the screen for a 'barking dog' segment last week...

I now own the first series of League of Gentlemen on DVD.


well i don't know what that makes me.......


I act like I'm 23.
This test was brought to you by someone who's obviously a hell of a lot younger than i am - No, really.... Take it up the butt.



I act like I'm 19.
This test was brought to you by Melissa - No, really.... Take it here.

Monday, June 10, 2002

It's official. (via the blogdex.)


I act like I'm 14.
This test was brought to you by Mel - mostly.... Take it here.

You want video game ideas?

You got video game ideas. So very, very work safe.

i've been writing and listening to punk music today. over this weekend i've spewed out somewhere in the region of 8000 words.....not too shabby, and i wanna try and get an outline for a short story done tonight as well......

but for a break i sat down to finish my men in black post-mortem and i've just written the line:

"Don’t fucking lie to us about being rewarded for overtime in pay reviews. Not ONE of us believes that shit."


i think i might go for a walk before i fill in my employee self appraisal sheet!

Sunday, June 09, 2002

Why therapy doesn't work for some people. My clinical thingumawhatsit has a tame rottweiler for a receptionist, and I've misplaced some medicare cheques -- resulting in an apparent $400 debt that I have no interest in addressing, which also makes it difficult for me to make another appointment *grin*.

I will have to rely on the Arbeit Macht Frei method - sanity through work, or in my case, paperfolding. I have successfully contacted the recently-formed Melbourne Origami Club ... and they have some great ideas for invitations and placecards. Almost time for a demo, kids (^_^)

Friday, June 07, 2002

I have to repeat this. From an email discussion at work about which TV series would makes good computer games...

Katherine: Blake's 7 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Has there ever been a Blake's 7 game?
Jody: Blakes 7 never got the credit it was due.
Dan: You mean it never got set on fire, flushed down the toilet, had the toilet torn up and put in a trash compacter. Then the trash compacter fired into a tornado, which is then swallowed by a black hole?

All I remember from Blake's 7 is that gradually the cast decided to go elsewhere, and by the time I was allowed to stay up late enough to watch it, it was Blake's 4, and Blake's 3, and then Blake and some chick dressed in bin liners had a shoot out in a quarry somewhere near Watford service station.

four in a row mr sigerson.

good work :)

As Eve pointed out to me my blogs are getting a bit hormonal.I think it is coming off the old don't go crackers pills,which surpress the libido.


Thursday, June 06, 2002

not miss right

not even miss right now

but definitely miss right across the road.

Right,top day.

Painter 7 goes down like a Mexican whore.
That is to say at the drop of a hat.
And everytime you go to anther prog,it changes which layer it is on ,so you merrrily draw away on the wrong layer.
And my top left back tooth just collapsed $$$$$
So I am getting on the oil of cloves ("Is it safe?") 'til next week.
The onlt Dental terrorist I trust is a bloke in Clarendon St who wears a grateful dead t-shirt.
So I am going for the quick $50 bog up,no anasthesia as I can't afford it.
A swift dab of Oil Of Cloves and in he goes.
If it weren't for the frankly pornographically proportioned chick in the toyota dealership across the road I would despair.
great big boobs and long legs go together about as frequently as ....somethings which don't go together.
Anyhow I am on a mission.
By the end of the month i would like to be up the makers mark in oriental car sales person.

odd day again,head all wonky....heart all very fluttery....tooth with a hole in it bigger than said tooth,it's like the pigging tardis.


"shouting loudly about kissing other girls and taking drugs."

wot on the tram? i gotta get me one of them trams,and drive it around,you get the best peop;le on hang on I'm thinking of Concorde,you get the best people on Concorde,best but kinda stooped,it's very small you know.Which as a way of ending a sentece is about as popular with chaps as being moved into bubba's cell.

As it is early,and I am a shitt typist at the best of times please find attached a small pile of puntuation marks,a few vowels to rectify what ever it is I have dome to the englidge languish.

,./';....() -++aeiou,x

Wednesday, June 05, 2002

i'm only blogging this here so's i don't forget about it!

doctors tomorrow, sorting out diet. thinking about regular exercise......bloody lifestyle changes.

and can i just say that transformers suck ANOOS! fucking corporate whore toys desgned exclusively to get children whining for the little ones, and to hit their parents up for the larger ones at christmas and birthdays. fucking brightly coloured saturday morning cartoons. fucking cereal packets, fucking mcdonalds tie ins. fucking comic books. fucking VIDEO GAMES.

*runs screaming from the room*


i'm ok.

hey pol, if there's anything i can do to help, give us a shout.

and there were 2 goth girls on the tram, talking about marilyn manson, mocking him, as if they in their black finery were somehow the saviours of the world. Petulant and small they were, convinced of their beauty and perfection, shouting loudly about kissing other girls and taking drugs.

One day, they'll wake up in their black painted rooms with candles burning in black ornate candle holders, and they'll reach over to the dark oak table beside their bed, causing their bracelets and trinkets to clank over the wood. they'll catch a glimpse of themselves in the mirror as the wind lifts the flame of the candles higher for a brief moment, and with that spark will come a thought, tiny and quiet but building to a deafening roar: "WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU DOING????????????? THIS ISN'T COOL!!!!!!" and then they'll weep, black mascara dribbling down their faces and invisibly staining their black carpet.

then they'll remember that being mopy and crying and gothy is cool and saunter out to the kitchen where their mum and sisters are, and have some weetbix.

oh, and thanks for the warning mr alex...... :-/

Having a bit of an odd day today.
After having tried to hold haitch the hon.member for Gray St down a pill him up until he rattles I am not taking my meds at the mo'.
This is not due to some Co$ style revolt against Psych and the like,but that they cost $28 and I have less than a dollar until thursday next.
Odd indeed.
kinda hinky too.


Tuesday, June 04, 2002

Hi all, 'scuse the low profile I've been keeping lately. I use it to look under public toilet doors, don't you know. Okay, I presume you're all familiar with the look-for-one-thing-and-discover-something-you-weren't-looking-for-and-had-previously-given-up-for-dead scenario, well, have you met it's evil twin, the look-for-one-thing-and-discover-something-you-weren't-looking-for-and-been-transfixed-by-the-complete-unrelatedness-of-the-two?

The following should keep you all in fine spirits for the next week or two.

One morning/afternoon, either is used, I espy some graffiti on the IOLIAN HALL (as opposed to an aureolian hall, which involves really large nipples) on Lygon St, just up the road from *cue thunder* 666 Lygon St, opposite the Melbourne General Cemetery. On the front fence the following is written:

"this romantic esoterica is for LORD AUCH's eyes only."

So who the fuck is Lord Auch? Google was my friend. Behold The Story Of The Eye, in all its perfectly English glory. Probably the most not-work-safe text you will have read since

I got Samuel L Motherfucker on that Jedi quiz too. But I'm not black ... I demand a recount.

Strathclyde Uni also has the leap of death in the Union building,a huge square section spiral staircase going up 9 floors.
People kept dropping litter over the edge onto the doorman,so they put up a wee net.
It was only a matter of time before some engineering student (the rough lads of the Glasgow Uni system) thought
"I say,here's fun!" and launched himself over the bannister in some poorly thought out circus style stunt.
This net is at best stong enough to catch a dropped bag.
Upshot,or downshot depending upon how you look at it,one burst engineer,and srteel cage to keep the foolhardy safe from themselves.
A wee Glasgow Uni anecdote.
Also I got the tar knocked outta me at the Strathcllyde Union,by security after seeing the fabulous Age Of Chance.

Something there for you all...wellme really.

fuck yis if yis dinnae like it.


han solo, story of my life really,...well if tyou stick a d at the end of Han that is.

Harry - again - two words - "Permanent" and "Residency" - imagine getting into the RMIT course, and NOT BEING ABLE TO STAY for it.

Fuck, it's happened again... that's the third time I've ended up being yoda after doing one of these silly tests.

:: how many more quizzes do I have to do, Dad? ::

it doesn't rain here pol :)

i know what you mean though.....that's why rmit & cae are in lovely melbourne

i figure i can apply to them all, and see which one i get into.....i like the ones over here more anyway, 'cos they've got a bit more of a professional bent to them.

:: how jedi are you? ::

:: how jedi are you? ::

All those courses seem good,nay honourable Haitch,but remember,RAIN.

I've said my peice,and I will say no more.


Monday, June 03, 2002

monday, widely regarded as the shittest of all days.

sorry to hear about the theft pol, if there's anything you need, like food, or a cup of sugar or summat, i'm just around the corner in lovely st kilda now and i offer my services.

been ill :( much lying in bed, feeling nauseous and then getting up to wander along gray street to find the doctors. still, i've been meaning to go for a while and talk about things so now's as good a time as any.

the stories a little like that mr fuzz.....
without the reanimated corpses, or the midgets, or christmas eve. i read the script of it's a wonderful life, and it's incredibly tight. i wur well impressed, and it gave me some ideas. which was good. unfortunately i've pretty much scrapped a lot of what i've written in the rewriting phase because of it :( just because i realised how important it was to setup certain things, mostly that you couldn't just leap straight into the suicide part....which was what i was i've cleaned it the beginning....well,'s a lot tighter now and the main character *might* be becoming more sympathetic. i love the 'angel' character though :) he was a lot of fun to write.

you almost got the title right though, it'[s got the working title of "not such a wonderful life." i think i like yours better though. it's not going to be called that though.....maybe gives too much away :)

oh well. who'd be a writer, worrying about imaginary people and their lives.


so i've been looking at part time university courses i can do, both here and back home. i like the look of the RMIT course. there's also this at the cae (think fuzz is doing this one) and there's this back home at strathclyde university, where i've already been :)


i made this plan:

this month, and next month: research victorian england, write short things, make them good and plan the overall structure of the next novel.
august, september, october: write the second novel. aiming for around 20,000 words per month.
november: do the whole nanowrimo thing again. i had an idea for what it should be about....bloody brain.
december: apply to places and see what happens.

by strange coincidence that's also around the time my contract with the wonderful, supportive, financially and creatively rewarding infogrames melbourne house is up.

eve! ya big poof!

Being burgled is not fun. My friend was burgled in a really creepy way (as opposed to all those jolly burglars out there) - a guy crept into her house during the daytime and hid under the stairs until everyone had gone to bed, and then nicked all their stuff.
Friday night was good - pizza and Bowfinger - "Cash - all movies cost $2761."
Saturday was also cool (bearing in mind that I haven't been out for... oooh, fecking ages) meeting a bunch of friends for early evening drinks at the Grace Darling until about 11pm, followed by a nice cup of coffee made with soy milk (I'm actually starting to like it in coffee now) and tucked up in bed by about midnite. Aawwww.

Hooray and welcome to monday!!!!
What can I say,what a top weekend,got burgaled on Satdee and nearly KO'd myself on Sundee.
Nice old mr Junky came to my house and releived up ant troublesome cash and CDs that were just getyting under out feet.
So I am now officially living on air,it will be very good for my waistline but I think my teeth will falout from malnutrition.
Have givem myself a fab new beard,imagine a full beard but with the bit that you'd call a goateee removed?!
All side burns and tache, and a freshly shaved noggin,all i need is a deuling scar and a monocle and I'm off to prussia
to lord it over the serfs and go bonkers from SYPH.
And a bit egg on the top of my head with a vivid red cut in it.
The old over head cabinet door. trick.

Right I'm off to lick my wounds or get someone to lick em 4 me.


Sunday, June 02, 2002

i had this idea for a short story, kind of a darker version of "it's a wonderful life".

i've written most of it, but i got a bit stuck towards the end, so i figured i'd start transcribing and rewriting it in the hope that things would just fall into place.

it didn't, and the usual crappy first draft turned out to be even more crappy than usual. so i went for a rummage on the internet, hoping to uncover maybe a script or a good outline of "it's a wonderful life" just for a helping hand. i found one here

also found this, a webring devoted to the movie. A F**KING WEBRING.

take off, nuke them from orbit. it's the only way to be sure.