Thursday, October 31, 2002


posting like a mofo.

i have the mad super-fly skills.






new sigur ros album: in stores 28/10/02. that's in the past, so it's out. it snuck past us because the new tori amos album came out on the same day! i have purchased neither, because i am poor...but i'm thinking i might go on a splurge seeing as i've been pretty good this week about getting other people to feed me :)

House of leaves is a freaky book mr pol.

you can read more about it here

it's a strange, disjointed, wonderful book. the kind of thing i wish i could write. and am now attempting :)

it's dark & fucked & sexy & strange.

and makes you questions the things that flicker at the edges of your sight.

especially when it's dark!

and it handles telling multiple, unrelated stories at the *same time* wonderfully (read it, you'll know what i mean), without being confusing or disorienting for any of them.

and welcome back fuzz.

the tales i can tell.

and shall.

but not here.

and not now.

filling the internet one line of white space at a time!

Wednesday, October 30, 2002

Oh also I really liked Lullaby,it scared me in odd eldritch ways.
Non euclidian psycho-geometery.
That will be all

alright...I give in...what is house of leaves?
My guess is it's a book.
Aren't I clever?...well no obviously not.
still chasing down jobs

Tuesday, October 29, 2002

House of leaves is weird. You read it and it's ok - it's not that scary. It doesn't bother you that much.

And then it gets dark.

Monday, October 28, 2002

i'd like to say a few words about house of leaves.

it's wriggling around my head, like a worm. a worm with spikes. dull spikes that scrape rather than stab.

and it's definitely colouring the writing of the 'old people dying at the hands of books' story.

it's become far, far darker than i originally intended it to be. it was originally quite cosy and jovial in that whole old people faced with death way that they have.

and now it's kind of fucked up!


one day my skull will cave in, and light will shine on the dark places.

Friday, October 25, 2002

You must be *this* smart to ride the escalator.

Wednesday, October 23, 2002

Sprited away, from Hayao Miyazaki, the guy who did Princess mononoke,






i'll grab tickets some time next week, if anyone wants to come.

BUT AKIRA, IN THE CINEMA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

*collapses on the floor*


ok - so this is wierd.

that will be all.

Tuesday, October 22, 2002

moriarty's review of the watchmen script : here

if you haven't read watchmen, READ IT!!!!!!

if you have, then if this film is as good as he says it is, then it'll be incredible! easily up there with LOTR for sheer nerdy goodness!

alan moore is a genius, and everyone should be forced to read his miracleman stuff, if only for the INCREDIBLE fight at the end where he completely destroys london!


that will be all.

Monday, October 21, 2002

sorry Mrs Noodle-Bob. i'll be sure to use your full, double barrelled name in all future interactions...

*pimp hat on*
The first nanowrimo get together is happening here:

Labour in vain,
197 Brunswick Street,

on Sunday 27th October 2002, from 2:30 until it gets dark and they close the roof deck.

bring food, they have barbecues. and if you intend coming along, please rsvp 'cos i told them around 30 people, and it affects staff and happiness if there's magically less people!

and if you haven't signed up for this years nanowrimo, you can do so here.

*pimp hat off*

That's Mrs Noodle-Bob to you, young feller-me-lad, sonny jim etc etc.
Funny things you learn... dogs reverse when you offer them jelly beans. Well, Kudra did. I tried to give her a bubble gum flavoured jelly bean and she got all suspicious and backed away.
That will be all.

Sunday, October 20, 2002

my address here (towhit at me mams house) is
Pol Sigerson
C/o His Mammy Patricia
Second floor Flat 2
13 Woodlands Drive
Glasgow G4 9EQ

I have been offered a job in Oxford,but the work is like Holger and Comte...sorry Cunte's wet dream.
Totally low grade photo representational racing thing.
All that technology to make really bland concrete abuttments in Hockenhiem. YAWN.
Isle of Wight is Stainless who did the Carmageddon series,silly game,i didn't go a bundle on the artwork but I suppose that's where I come in.
Strange after being treated like a periah in the cottage industry in Oz to be actually and actively persued by companies.

Sounds like you had a lovely Honeymoon....ah bless.
good on you mate,look fwd to seeing the results.
Right I have to go as me Mam wants her PC back.
Luft unt kaisers

welcome back mrs (hee hee) noodle.

congratulations on the whole snake sex thing. and the marriage. it was a really lovely day! and i think i got my yearly quotient of 'all emotional' type behaviour out of my system...

so, comic book thing mr sigerson.

the story goes a little bit like this: *cue wiggly, dream sequence thing*

there's a small startup comics company in melbourne, and they were advertising in various shops around melbourne. the wonderful miss noodle saw the advert and called me with the details, all excited like!

they were looking for short stories, around 8 pages, for a comic book they were putting out. i wrote 2 scripts, decided one was shit, and sent the good one off to them. they accepted it, and i signed my first writery contract on tuesday....

this is my favourite bit: 'paul callaghan (hereafter known as 'the writer')' hee hee!

so it's been sent off to an artist, along with my scribbled layout notes, and it'll get published soon. it's a paid gig as well, not very much, but it lets me go to parties (like i did on friday) and tell people (well, mostly girls) that i'm getting published...

and that's about it. i'd do some kind of special link, but they don't have a website, and i'd send you a copy of the script, but i'm not sure if that would blow up the contract...if you send me your adress i'll send you a copy...

good luck with the job stuff...isle of wight? maybe you'll bump into bergerac!?! is that right? who cares.

Hi everyone... I finally made it back to feistynoodle. And on the way, typed about four user names before I got the right one when I logged in just now. So a rap on the knuckles for me for neglect of bloggage.
So... what's news... well, Miss Purdey is in Queensland, copying her mum and becoming a Mrs, this time with a lovely weimaraner boy called Swaggy. Which is quite weird. Kudra is a bit nervous; first all these people turned up, then mum and dad took them away in their car and they didn't come back, and then Auntie Emma went away too, whisked off by mum and dad. And Purdey is nowhere to be seen either, she's looked under the fence and everywhere. So Kudra was understandably concerned when we decided to take her to St Andrews on Saturday... poor girl thought we were going to do away with her! So she was really well behaved in the car, and quite pleased with herself when she returned home alive!

Wedding stuff - yes, went very well - Pol I need your address cause we will send you some photos. Thanks to everyone for the lovely gifts, but olde worlde thankyou notes will be in the poste at fome point foone.
Origami - everyone loved it, I was only surprised that not many people threw it!
Honeymoon - I was thinking of doing some 'Collective Noun' style fundraising, so that Bill and I can continue to live at the lake house in daylesford and, just as importantly, continue to eat at the lake house. The only place where I've ever been served an amuse bouche between hors d'oevres and the entrée (In fact the only place I've ever beeen served an amuse bouche at all... I have tried the high life and I like it.
Hanging Rock - I went to Hanging Rock!!!! We packed a picnic to eat there - well, the good people at the lake house packed it for us - the only problem was that we were so incredibly hung over from tasty local beer, several glasses of champagne (or more arcanely - "we have been champagned! send help!") and a whole bottle of shiraz (drunk from what could only be described as wine glasses the size of a cow) that we climbed right to the top, I got vertigo, and we had to practically run back down to the bottom so we could both have some alka seltzer. But Alka Seltzer at Hanging Rock doesn't really have the same ring to it...
Having said that, it is a very spooky place, with some of the rock formations named things like "vampire cliff" and "the black hole of calcutta".

Right, I'm going to have pancakes now. Oh, and I forgot, I got to see snakes having sex when I went to Healesville on thursday. And ginger ice cream sounds weird but is actually really good.

Friday, October 18, 2002

what is this comic book thingy,do tell.
either here or you can mail me direct at
Went for an interveiw yesterday in Oxford for a company called RazorWerks or somesuch,good wonga but dry and sleepy game.So I am going to chase the other one on the Isle of Wight,Stainless who did the Carmaggedon series.
Fingers crossed.
They seem pretty keen.

Thursday, October 17, 2002

I signed my first writer's contract yesterday!

Tuesday, October 15, 2002

I was not at Kuta. No-one I know was at Kuta. No-one I know was on the SIV-X either (350+ drowning off our NW coast). No-one I know was in Afghanistan when the USAF turned rubble to dust (3000+ dead). No-one I know was on the Basra highway when the US, our Ally in the War Against Terror(tm), strafed retreating Iraqi troops, killing them in their tens of thousands. (img) No-one I know was in the WTC. Just because our media is having conniptions about this doesn't mean I'm going to. Welcome to massacre fatigue.

"I'd rather be sailing."

Incinerated body of an Iraqi soldier on the "Highway of Death," a name the press has given to the road from Mutlaa, Kuwait, to Basra, Iraq. U.S. planes immobilized the convoy by disabling vehicles at its front and rear, then bombing and straffing the resulting traffic jam for hours. More than 2,000 vehicles and tens of thousands of charred and dismembered bodies littered the sixty miles of highway. The clear rapid incineration of the human being [pictured above] suggests the use of napalm, phosphorus, or other incindiary bombs. These are anti-personnel weapons outlawed under the 1977 Geneva Protocols. This massive attack occurred after Saddam Hussein announced a complete troop withdrawl from Kuwait in compliance with UN Resolution 660. Such a massacre of withdrawing Iraqi soldiers violates the Geneva Convention of 1949, common article 3, which outlaws the killing of soldiers who "are out of combat." There are, in addition, strong indications that many of those killed were Palestinian and Kuwaiti civilians trying to escape the impending seige of Kuwait City and the return of Kuwaiti armed forces. No attempt was made by U.S. military command to distinguish between military personnel and civilians on the "highway of death." The whole intent of international law with regard to war is to prevent just this sort of indescriminate and excessive use of force.
(Photo Credit: © 1991 Kenneth Jarecke / Contact Press Images)

Members of the US Armed Forces are on record in a number of places, joking about incinerated Iraqi soldiers, and others, being 'crispy critters'.

Sunday, October 13, 2002

please sound off and sign in.
please tell me that no one was in Bali !!
And that no one we know was in Bali.
fingers crossed.
love and misses

Oh yeah stainless did the carmageddon i didn't like them either.

Righto,missive via electro-magneto from Blighty.
WEIRD,cold damp expensive,got an interview on Monday with Stainless in the Isle of Wight.
Q:what's red and white and comes backwards out of cows?
A:the Isle of Wight ferry.
Am on my sainted mothers machine,which has no letters on the keyboard.Not ina Yoko Ono style art peice way,more in a all worn off manner....I feel like Tommy.
It was lovely to see you all at the Airport,I had a wee blubb when th wheels picked up off the tarmac.
A palpable sensation of loss.
Have drank many beers and tried not to think about the dollar equivelant.
How was the nuptials?...damn damn damn,that good eh?
Finally saw Amelie and wept for joy,mighty fine.
Saw Bedazzled and noticed that the two dobermans Lis Hurley is walking on the beach were called Peter and Dudley...ah bless.
Old friends here are very strange,aside from hair loss and expanding waistlines they are same as they were 14 years ago.
This is not a good thing really.
Feel badly super imposed,like a Glenn Micheals cartoon cavalcade effect from the 70's (ask Harry,he'll explain)
Glasgow looks very beautiful,it's all been scrubbed up,and there is a big fuck off statue in Buchanan street of Donald Dewar the first minister who popped his clogs last year,but neds keep stealing the glasses off it.
Prawn Cocktail crisps...this is a very odd country.
Christopher Brookmeyre's books are being read,as is Lullaby,which I have so far found deeply unsettling.
Alex bad one about the McJob,I had to be a security guard for a spell,so I know how it feels to don a uniform.
Well that's alll folks,I will be posting as and when I can.
All my love

What a fantastic day. Bill you do realise that doing deals with the Deb-ull to ensure pleasant weather is a health hazard?

After the morning's Wind God endorsement, more elemental blessings on this happy union came later with the Rain, Thunder, and Lightning Gods opening up for your first night together as Trouble and Strife. This augurs well! (No, Alanis, it's not ironic.)

Okay go download this everyone and melt your brain. It is not advised to play Tetris On Drugs whilst On Drugs. Thankyew.

Illegal Art also comes highly reccomended.

Is this blog becoming redundant? Will we soon see a RingBlog? Night Night =]

Thursday, October 03, 2002

Viking kittens. Singing Led Zeppelin's 'Immigrant Song'. o/` o/` Aaaahhhhh-ah! o/` o/`

I would like to bring up the subject of Balls.

I have a number of Balls, this number currently being greater than 10 and less than 15. How many Balls do you have, Eve?


Wednesday, October 02, 2002

3 in a row!

just downloaded and watched the new lotr: the two towers trailer.


that is all.

if anyone wants to see it, i'll burn it onto CD!

somebody better start arranging opening day gold class cinema tickets!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

from dark horizons:

The Matrix Reloaded: A UK film magazine recently interviewed the two silver-coated dreadlocked baddies we've seen in the teasers, characters played by identical twins Neil and Adrian Rayment and 'Onks' has a summary: "They state that they are not called the "Virus Twins" but are simply known as Twin 1 and Twin 2. They state further that they are deleted programs from the Matrix, that have been given the choice to be put back into the source or become a roaming element in the program. They say that essentialy they are bad and have free reign, and their characters take full use of their special access to the Matrix - shaping the world in the image they want and sporting cool pearl-handled cutthroat razors and cut-glass British acents. Their characters are the guys who live the rock star lifestyle in that they have the best clothes, best car and live in the best places. Also Neil Rayment had a fight with Lawrence Fishburne, Adrian Rayment has a "particuarly good scrap" with Carrie-Anne Moss and then they both fight Keanu. There will be a sword fight, with two people against one (which i'm guessing will be Neo). But each person has two swords - "multi-sabres", armed with rotating blades at their hilt, clashing and sparking faster than anything yet seen, with impossible wire assisted moves as the camera moves around them in a bullet time waltz. The car chase will have multiple agents in a highway pursuit of Trinity and Morpheus, leaping out of cars as they're blown apart, driven into other speeding vehicles. The chase will employ a now mobile bullet time technique allowing the camera to circle the chase, swinging low and spirallling through exploding car and window doors".


that last bit sounds COOL!!!!

and the torus interview went very well. i like the words : "very strong candidate.' during an interview :)

Tuesday, October 01, 2002

doot doot de doo.

torus interview tomorrow morning.

and got an e-mail from someone looking to interview me about nanowrimo :) which is kind of cool. and while we're talking about that: signup starts oct you should all go sign up at some point!

thanks for the colours noodle...

right, off to write another 500 word of my current novel thingy, and head out into the wide world!