Tuesday, September 28, 2004

one of the joys of our impending bouncing arrival is that we get to spend hours trawling baby naming books and websites. This gem caught my eye, and I couldn't help but share it with you all :

I have started to have a real liking for 'made up' names, I guess because they are so original. I have seen some really good ones on ###REDACTED### and I was wondering if you guys could tell me more! I'm not picky, I don't care if people have heard someone with the name before, etc., just anything that is really original and not technically a name...

These are the ones I've seen here that I love;

Avrielle, Olivianna, Sophelia(these two are good because I love Olivia and Sophie but find them too common), Allorah, Fairith, Sabriel, Katrien

That's all I can think of right this moment...

Also I love word names, tell me all the word names you can think of! I like;
Patience, Sailor, Meadow, Journey, Lyric, Ever, Rose, Samaya, Grey, Chance, True, Journey

And one more thing, I love place names, nice sounding ones;
India, Ireland, Asia, Dallas, London

Any names that you would put in these 3 catergories that you think also sound nice would be appreciated! Thanks before hand :)

I've said it before, I'll say it again. You need to register to vote, you have to have a license to drive a car, you need a license to GO FISHING, but they'll let anyone be a parent. Sorry I couldn't leave it alone, I had to rant more. Right there she says "anything that's not technically a name".... LADY IF ITS NOT A NAME, DON'T SADDLE YOUR POOR FUCKEN PROGENY WITH IT!!!!!

Monday, September 27, 2004

We have to beg, borrow or steal this movie.

Saturday, September 25, 2004

I have this theory. Slowly, surely, we're breeding out embarrasment.

It's the only way to explain away people who chatter in the cinema.

Reading out the 'sensis.com.au' from the advert IS NOT NECESSARY!

Commenting on the trailer's music with: "I think I'll just buy that cd, rather than see that movie," DOESN'T MAKE YOU SOUND SMARTER

Discussing how you read Vanity Fair in high school DOESN'T MAKE YOU SOUND LITERATE!

Awwing the cute dog to your friend in a film about the breakdown of a family unit in contemporary italy IS MAYBE MISSING THE FUCKING POINT.

Questioning Gretchen Ross's choice of which boy to sit beside in Donnie Darko with: "What if she doesn't like boys," MAKES YOU SOUND LIKE A STUPID, BEER SWILLING, HOMOPHOBIC DICKWAD WHO SHOULDN'T BE ALLOWED NEAR A FUCKING CINEMA, AND CERTAINLY DOES NOTHING TO IMPROVE THE FILM!

And laughing loudly at inappropriate moments during a film, such as masturbation, or domestic violence just makes you look like a tool.

What makes you think that the thoughts in your head are so important that you need us all to hear them? I came to the cinema to sit in the dark, in silence, not to hear you laughing when somebody is run over by a car, or to hear you shift uncomfortably in your seat when people have sex. I don't care what you think of the slutty daughter, I don't care if you can read the keyring in Kill Bill, I don't care what you think of george clooney in cruel intentions, and I certainly don't care what your thoughts are about the homo-erotic undertones of Donnie Darko.


Friday, September 24, 2004

who wants to hear me say spastics on national radio?

for all there missing my dulcid tones

yup, I was on a radio quiz,,where I lost V badly btw.

but you can listen to it for a whole week...all 5 mins of it.



Vic McGLynn's show on Thursday the 23rd.

needs real player.

Wednesday, September 22, 2004

Cripes, it's been like a month since I posted. But it has been a hectic month, with miscellaneous birthdays, and other dramatic events unfolding in the noodlebob household.

First of all, birthdays, Harry and I are another year older and still no wiser (thanks for the birthday greets, Pol!) as is Bill's sister. Whether or not we all start acting like adults remains to be seen, but I can now say I've eaten truffles, (thank you Bill for the birthday dinner) so I feel pretty growed up about everything.

Second, and I'm sure the whole world knows about this by now even though we tried to keep it secret, there will be an addition to the noodlebob household in may. Bill and I are expecting progeny, preferably with the right amount of limbs, which, according to the books I read, have already being formed, along with eyeballs and fingertips and other stuff... no wonder I am so tired!

Third, we (Bill, Harry, Liz and I) went to do the candlelight tour of Old Melbourne Gaol last friday night... I guess it was less scary than I wanted it to be, though it was pretty creepy at times. I was trying to think of the most scared I've ever been, but couldn't really think of anything outstanding. There was the time some friends and I did a ouija board and got some very freaky answers, and then there was the time I thought my landlady had died in her bedroom (no-one there, she had gone to visit her sick relative, and her room just smelled a bit ripe). The house where I grew up was always a bit odd, but usually not scary-evil odd. Though I did end up saying stuff like "look, we live here now" to thin air when I was by myself there a few times... The kettle would quite regularly switch itelf on - which, let's face it, was pretty handy - and there was a room which I hated going in (weirdly, it only had that effect on girls, the guys didn't feel anything creepy) . And every now and again, one of us would see something flash by when there was no-one else around. Which wasn't as scary as it sounds cause your brain assumes it's someone you know until you realise there's no-one else in the house, by which point you're pretty much over it.

Okay, I think I've made up for my abscence now... as you were, art lovers.

Saturday, September 18, 2004

I love that there is such a thing as a feral donkey. Now all I need is another story about our wildlife eating some unfortunate tourist - they're my favourite.

Wednesday, September 15, 2004


Happy Birthday to You
Happy birthday to youuuu
Happy Birthday dear Evey-popssssssssssss-ah.
Happy Birthday to you!!!

Mwah Mwah!

did you get a watch, amongst other sundry gifts?

love to you all

Mr Pol x

Friday, September 10, 2004

Harry I no have you email.

many sorry ask eve sha have mine. then you email me I reply

all good.


Wednesday, September 08, 2004

Hey mr sigerson...

I'm at ThatGame just now, working on heroes of the pacific

Give us a shout on email about them hiring....

Tuesday, September 07, 2004

Sometimes you gotta just love Aussie politicians.

A brit would be all "the right honourable memeber for blah blah blah"
A yank would be all "and where were you during vietnam?"

Not Bob Hawke. "John Howard is a big fat liar who bloody loves fibbing"

Don't hold back Bopb tell us what you really think.

Quality Jollity.

Pol x

Harry, who are you working for btw? and are they recruiting?

Sunday, September 05, 2004

It's sunday night, and just the thought of going into work tomorrow is making me nauseous.

I don't think that's a very good sign.

I shall now embark on an unsuccessful attempt to distract myself from neurotic thoughts about the upcoming week.

Friday, September 03, 2004

Blinking Flip!

And crikey too. I think congratulations are in order! (pops the bubbly sparks up a cigar)

Man I am tickled for you both.


I had to gird my loins to commit to an ISP, so I am bowled over by the news.

Mwah! Mwah!

Pol x

Thursday, September 02, 2004

I've linked her before, and I'll link her again, but for now, without further ado, i present one of Australia's foremost living writers, Ms Shauna Marsh:

what's new, pussycat?:"It was all over in under a minute. Back out in the Moscow sunshine, we walked behind the Mausoleum to look at the graves of departed Soviet leaders. Each had his own bust: a pompous Brezhnev, a truly evil Stalin. Hats off to Josef’s sculptor, the evil eyes seemed to follow you as you tiptoed around the corner. It was the most terrifying lump of concrete since The Big Merino."