Wednesday, June 27, 2001

I was working on a game once, and the designer wrote out every little tiny thing that needed doing, and scheduled it all up himself. When he gave these revised schedules to the artists, he got really annoyed when everyone started laughing - cause we had stuff scheduled for seven years...

Tuesday, June 26, 2001

it's quiet......too quiet.

for your viewing pleasure today we have a preview of the game i worked on before coming over here : The awakened

Just to put it into perspective : 18 months development before i worked there, 18 months while i worked there, shipped to japan 6 months after i left, which is february last year :)

& it's slated for release 2002.

that's almost 5 years in development & they're still using some of the models that they had 2-3 years ago when i started. & the same technology.

laff, well.........yeah :)

Friday, June 22, 2001

and to add to feisty's review:

tomb-raider : two words 'Shit raider'

Tomb Raider: tits and arse... very, very arse.

Thursday, June 21, 2001

Ahhh, I think I know who you mean.... I see her sometimes in the lift; it's like a car accident - hideous, but you can't stop staring.....

just saw the longest, thinnest, most heavily made up blonde woman ever in the coffee shop..

she was freaky.

so there.

when i'm king might have to outlaw long thin made up blonde women, not sure, depends on what they can offer up as reasons for me to keep them. it's not like they're julianne moore & redheaded & clever....... never mind eh.

Wednesday, June 20, 2001

Ahh, Fuzzy, ya jammy bugger, off to see yer true love and San francisco.... have a good flight and a great time once you're over there... we're all jealous as hell...

Monday, June 18, 2001

Ahh, Bill, you're such a thoughtful man.. *giggle* Do they have ones for dogs? Purdey is truly Queen of SBD at the moment. I'm fine, I have a nasty cold, so I can't smell anything right now, thankfully.

Sunday, June 17, 2001

wear them for the one you love

Saturday, June 16, 2001

you're invading my personal space

Friday, June 15, 2001

I've always wondered where we could go with the eminently molestable Mastercard ad catchphrase. The one to beat is the nasty Columbine adaptation: You know the one, two semi-automatic rifles, $500, six boxes of ammo, $blah, seeing the look on your classmates' faces before you send them to kingdom come: priceless...

As for the geek mugs: how about ... [a href = "file://c:/con/con"] Click here to see why IE is an integral part of Win98! [ /a ] ?

I wonder if that faux code will come out. "Out, I say!"

Thursday, June 14, 2001

Coffee mug stoof:

"See the twitch, you're next."

goddamn it, can't think of anything else.

my sense of humour's always the first thing to go when i'm stressed + annoyed + stoof.


I've got another coffee mug idea....
"Lalalala - I'm not listening!! LALALALALALA!!!"
or maybe the laconic
"No. Just.... no."

We should sell these to officeworks.

There's something nice about pharmacists. They tell you what medicine is best for you, and suggest helpful things to make you feel better, and they make you feel all brave, cause you didn't need to go to the doctor. I like pharmacists.

I also like having a huge arsenal of drugs on my desk, and the feeling of being totally spaced at work. 8-)

Wednesday, June 13, 2001

We're having spanish days from now on until I remember them by heart, cause I'm gonna do a spanish course. Olé!

Bill, I can't believe you used the phrase "my bad"........ you're meant to be a *writer* for chrissakes.... ;-P

While we're ripping content from elsewhere ... every now and then I drop in to, something I've been doing ever since Jason did that naughty Palm Pilot advertising campaign parody. (There are mirrors of it around, go seek!) Recently he mentioned this guy called Noah Grey, who's taken some pretty mad digital photos with a Nikon digital camera. Currently he's going on about National Blonde Day. Has everyone read all of the cartoons at e-sheep yet? They're really good, especially the one about sending ***'s brain into space before we all die in the next environmental catastrophe. What I really want to know is, where are all the tasteless Timothy McVeigh jokes? Ahh, there they are.

photos soon

coffee mug phrases: i'm sorry, were you under the impression that i gave a shit about your tiny life?
is it sexual harrassment if i lick your mousepad?
sorry, they always smell like that after a few weeks in the cellar

most amazingly funny joke i've heard since i've been here?
Q: What do you get when you stab a baby with a screwdriver?
A: An erection.

whoops, my bad.

Tuesday, June 12, 2001

Some people have way too much time on their hands.

And this is why I like Angelina Jolie....

"Tomb Raider director, Simon West, has said that part of her appeal is that she has ``this image of wildness''. And he has a point. She does, after all, tend to talk candidly about the spice S&M can add to sex and of her experiences with other women."

Meanwhile, there's a bit of confusion about the Lovely Angelina's name not appearing on the poster. It would appear that DreamWorks marketing chief Terry Press, who was born in the dark ages, and is currently investing in a new contraption called the "spinning jenny", thought that Jolie, who won a Best Supporting Actress Academy Award for Girl, Interrupted, may be unknown to the audience of young teens who may flock to see the film. "Their target audience has no idea who Angelina Jolie is,'' said Press. Terry Press's hobbies are putting leeches on his wife, and not looking at breasts on the internet.

Re: coffee mugs - I think for me, it was the vodka martini talking... of course, if someone wanted to bring me another one now, I could probably think up a few more! Chin chin!!

Further to a conversation I had with Mr. Harry and FN on Sunday night (Shrek gets one snutty thumb up and one ear-waxy thumb down btw) I am interested in people's ideas for: Nasty Surly Offensive Phrases To Put On Your Coffee To Mug Scare And Intimidate Your Co-Workers. Ideas so far include:

"Just because it happened to you doesn't mean I want to hear it" (that one comes from Brother Housemate Grub)

"If you don't tell me about your weekend, I won't tell you about the knife strapped to my leg"
"I could tell you about my weekend, but I'd be breaking a court order"

... and so on. Now I'm sure we came up with better ones the other night ... or was that the hot chocolate and iced coffee talking?

I think Bill's broken his blogging hand. ;-)

Friday, June 08, 2001

Giddayezfuckinbastards. Sorry I haven't writ for a while ... been working (kinda) and am still really settling in to Sunny Brunny, yairs, I've moved again. Something like 15 places I've lived in now since I moved out of home in 1995. Elwood, East Brunswick, Parkville (mmm, ward of the state) St Kilda East, Bentleigh, Caulfield, North Carlton, it's about 50/50 for living above and below the Yarra. Haven't a clue re: collective nouns ... hang on a sec I'll just check our collective unconscious. Feisty Noodle you need an ivory 'rolling pin' to while away the hours - just lock the door on the ivory tower ;c9~ Now I heard that Fat Fergie is a skinny newsreader in the US these days, and there are a number of 'virtual' news readers these days, noticably from our old alma mater Beam, sorry, E-Tech (groan), sorry, Blaze Limited. I think it's called Blaze 'cause the shareholders use their dividends to light the fire in the lounge room. "Click here to meet Pixel" the site says. I see Pixel every day ... and all her friends. Yes, the virtual goons ... I haven't seen a Virtual Sarah yet. OR any virtual bees. But... THE BEES ARE COMING! I'm always looking for new thingumies to create in Adobe(inc)Atmosphere(tm)(R). One of these days, I'm gonna post on my own bloggy too. And one of these days ... I'm gonna punch you in the face!

Thursday, June 07, 2001

what's the collective noun for several collective nouns?
- dunno

And if guide dogs lead the blind, how do the guide dogs know where to go?
- guide dogs are equipped with incredible senses of smell & as such, always know where to go....because the owner secretes these pheremones whenever he wants to get anywhere & the dog just knows.

Why for do you kick my dog and call him fuckoff?
- Covered this, your dog ran into my foot......

why does eating breakfast make you hungrier at lunchtime?
- 'cos mars bars can't drive tractors backwards.

Ah, increasing the knowledge in the world is a fine career :)

A passel of arseholes? which begs the question - well, it doesn't, but I'll ask it anyway - what's the collective noun for several collective nouns? And if guide dogs lead the blind, how do the guide dogs know where to go? Why for do you kick my dog and call him fuckoff? Just one more - as Sarah Virtual Reality just pointed out, why does eating breakfast make you hungrier at lunchtime?
Answer me, or die.

Sorry. I must be feeling lonely in my ivory to-.. I mean office.

Wednesday, June 06, 2001

Aha!! At last - recognition.

I love the Guggenheim in Bilbao, there was a great documentary on the design and building of it, start to finish, a while ago. However, the idea of not having *any* right angles in the new building at all could be kinda weird, and kind of reminds me of the tilted house, at the world's most aptly named amusement park, Stuart Landsborough's Puzzling World. Strangely, I actually really liked SLPW, but the tilted house has a tendency to make you feel a bit green.... put it this way, I wouldn't wanna work there. But good on Cleveland City Council for hiring Frank Gehry anyway. Maybe later they can get Christo to wrap it in thousands of yards of silk, like he did with the pont neuf in Paris....

OK so i'm grooving around the university here in Cleveland and what do i see but this building in construction. It's designed by the same guy who did the new Guggenheim in Spain, and apparently the finished building will have NO right angles in it anywhere... what a concept.. jet lag almost gone, just saw the Cleveland Museum of Art and in particular spent a couple of hours in the Model Wife exhibition. A collection of nine photographers who used their wives as their primary subjects, it manages to show the changing relationships they had with their spouses through the framing and composition. Some incredible shots. Missing you all awfully, (or awfully missing you all, one of the two)

kisses to uncle harry (bees, giant killer bees), mr fleagle (you still workin, buddy?), miss purdey (i am your provider of food, forget me not) an miss feisty (private secret greeting to follow via secure comms link). oh yeah, an fuzzy.


Monday, June 04, 2001


got er :)

errrrr, allo, been a bit quiet 'cos i forgotted me password & me user name & felt a bit stoopid. but i be back noo.

After seeing best in show i went looking for a bee toy, or a bear dressed as a bee, or a monkey in a ball.....although i've got one of those hamsters in a ball back home. :( anyway there were kung-fu dogs & crappy lizards & girls that changed into bears & woodies that change into wagons....but no bees, or bears & i went home & cried & was sad.

oh well, never mind....i too used to masturbate a lot, but it saved my life....because this one time at band camp i was off performing an act of self-mutilation & everyone else was killed & dumped in the woods :)
but i was saved........see..........


Glad to hear you're safe and - ok, maybe not sound, but at least no worse than normal. Isn't there a silent K in unneccessarry? Or am I thinking of rhododendron... hmmm.

*la la la la la - ooh look, there's Alan Alda!*

*runs away*

That's ok - when I was his age I used to masturbate and smoke a lot. Not, you understand, at the same time. Yes, kiddies, it's me - and I'm posting to you from the land of the free and the home of the brave. The flights were insanely long, but Tokyo was fun. Turns out I managed to meet a Japanese guy on the flight who was in transit from Sydney to Shanghai. He took me out for sushi, and we drank an astonishing amount of Japanese beer, but i think i may have spent too much money. Exit rows all the way, but I find it really hard to sleep on planes anyway, so I'm feeling the effects now. Perhaps last night's little "yes kids, this is how much an aussie can drink when he's been up for 28 hours" demonstration was a little unnecceesssaarrry (i' simply cannot spell that word). love to all.

Friday, June 01, 2001

Hey, know what? I am proud of my family anyway, but I am especially amazingly fantastically proud of my little brother Tom (who is now taller than me...) Why? Because of this... he's just signed a contract with Bradford City Football Club for 3 years, and there's a very good chance he'll be taken on permanently after that, being that he is now being paid already to play football, and the club is paying for all his tuition fees whilst he does his A levels... When I was his age, I used to waitress... *sigh*