Tuesday, September 30, 2003

Don't know if any of you have heard about this, but Ubisoft are trying to enforce a contract stating that anyone who works for them can't work in the same industry for A YEAR after they leave... more here.

There seems to be a lesson here that all games companies are still failing to learn - if you treat your staff like shit, if you don't pay them enough, and then expect them to work not just a couple of hours of overtime, but say, 8 or 9 hours of overtime per day during "busy" times, if you constantly threaten them with replacement, then they will leave.

Surely it can't be that hard to form a union?

Saturday, September 27, 2003


Pol x


as you were

your friend in a cold climate.


this is refreshing.

nice to see that the US is not a lost cause.

as opposed to the cause of loss.

Pol x

Friday, September 26, 2003

an instant message conversation with my brother

steve: Cool.....I have cable modem in this hotel so I am trying to go nuts downloading things.
steve: I can't find anything good

billyjoebob: make sure you don't get charged per megabyte

steve: I will have to check

billyjoebob: it might be a good idea bfore you download that 27mb file called teenpartyslutsanal.mpg

steve: can't find that one

billyjoebob: ring the desk
billyjoebob: seriously
billyjoebob: because i got a $212 bill for a month of access yesterday

steve: My connection didn't work in my room so I slipped across the hall into an open room that had just been cleaned

billyjoebob: bwhahahhahahahahahahahahaha

Wednesday, September 24, 2003

Stupid stupid people. Not only does the woman across the street gormlessly call out "Garfield!" everynight for her stupid cat, but now this: they're making a film of it - Garfield, proving once again that Bill Murray's and Breckin Meyer's agents need to get leprosy.

Brian Mung. This might appeal to those of you / us what hark from the Old Country. Also humerous ... shooting at that twat in a box. Worth playing for the end sequence. Speaking of end sequence ... the spiderman one is pretty good too. Especially if you know anyone with or who has died from the big C. Kinda reminds me of "2 Unlimited" or whoever it was with the genius lyric ... "I'm as serious as cancer when I tell you that / rhythm is a dancer." Hello new blogger interface. Special hello also to the blogger who might or might not be part of a subversive, politically motivated, Australia Council funded piece of FPS shenanigans ... ;)

Tuesday, September 23, 2003

People what would be a good wage for an animator (softimage 3ds MAX etc) in Melbourne?

A friend of mine is thinking about eading out there for a gig with Blue Tongue.

all help appreciated.

pol x

forgive me my ignorance but who is Miss Abbot?

Has Harry got his self a lass of the lady persuasion?

(stage whisper to everyone else) so is she a spuink or what?

Pol x

why does quentin tarantino look more and more like some psychotic dwarf every damn day?

Monday, September 22, 2003


long time no blog...but if you go here and scroll down to the entry for Tuesday, August 19, 2003...you'll see myself and the beautiful miss abbott immortalised.

bipolar indeed....

Friday, September 19, 2003


Sept. 18, 2003 |

LONDON (AP) -- A new version of The Beatles' album "Let It Be" will be released in November, the group's company Apple Corps announced Thursday.

"Let It Be...Naked" strips the 1969 album of Phil Spector's lavish production effects, returning to Sir Paul McCartney's original idea for the recording. "This is the noise we made in the studio," McCartney said of the new version. "It's exactly as it was in the room. You're right there now."

"Let It Be...Naked" mostly keeps the same track listing as the original album, which featured songs Let It Be, The Long and Winding Road, Get Back and Across the Universe.

Background dialogue, Dig It and Maggie Mae have been taken off the album, and Don't Let Me Down has been added, Apple Corps said.

Most of "Let It Be" was recorded in 1969 for an album which was to have been called "Get Back," showing The Beatles returning to their roots as a four-piece rock-and-roll band. But the group was splitting up and the album was abandoned.

Spector was later brought in to convert hundreds of hours of tape into an album, renamed "Let It Be."

Ringo Starr told Rolling Stone magazine earlier this year: "Paul was always totally opposed to Phil. I told him on the phone (recently), `You're bloody right again. It sounds great without Phil.' Which it does."

"Let It Be...Naked" is to be released by EMI Records on November 17.

Wednesday, September 17, 2003

I had a look,I cut myself in two and counted the rings,looked for the "made in" sign and blow me if I'm not a foriegner after all.

so no domain names for me


Mr Pol x

You know, i should have realised that the joys of the interwebnet would make this possible

NetRegistry is offering 50,000 free domain names, email boxes and online photo albums to Australians... go get one. Unless you're a dirty foreigner.

Tuesday, September 16, 2003

Poor Oliver... he got bloat and had to go into horse pickle. Story here...

Thursday, September 11, 2003

new age marketing techniques 101

Session Start (Yahoo! - balkandishlex:souperwuumen69): Thu Sep 11 23:34:47 2003

souperwuumen69: hi... anyone there?

balkandishlex: umm
balkandishlex: that depends
balkandishlex: are you a real person?

souperwuumen69: oh your there :) hi...
souperwuumen69: a/s/l (age sex lodation)?
souperwuumen69: im 27/f/USA. was lookin at your profile. thought you might like to chat.

balkandishlex: i don't know what a lodation is

souperwuumen69: so what have you been up to balkandishhlex?

balkandishlex: many things
balkandishlex: most of which i can't tell you about because they're classified

souperwuumen69: cool. i was just hangin out watchingg tv. i was getting kinda horny :) (*blushes)
souperwuumen69: feel like a little cyber fuun with me ? please please...

balkandishlex: what - you mean actual horns growing from your head?

souperwuumen69: i think ill just take that as a yes... being as that im starting to get real horny here.. lol oi?

balkandishlex: actual real horns.... freaky.

souperwuumen69: alriht :) how bout i get down on my knees in front of you and help you out of your pants?

balkandishlex: i'm not wearing pants... i have a kilt on

souperwuumen69: just lounging around in my undies.... uu?


souperwuumen69: tell me what you want me to do with you whhile i slip out of my panties

balkandishlex: why are you slipping? are you covered in motor oil?

souperwuumen69: oh yeah babe.. dont sttop. while i slide my hand down between my legs and part my moist lips

balkandishlex: again with the moist.... what is it.. a bit humid in here? maybe if i turn the air conditioner on....

souperwuumen69: oh it feels so good. Im holding your pulsing c0ck in my hand, my shiny red fihgernails dig gently into your b4lls, while my full, soft lips engulf the mass of your meat

balkandishlex: ooowwwww fcuk! that hurts! get your fingernails off my b4llls!!!

souperwuumen69: open my website so you can look at mee while im sucking you. use the link in my profile!

balkandishlex: sure ok no problem

souperwuumen69: what do you thhink of my pics?

balkandishlex: i think you look like a horse shat on your face

Just bought the very best of the UNDERTONES. I am very happy,it makes you glad that punk made it to Belfast.

on a even lighter note.

The Pixies are reforming.

remember wherre you heardf it first,unless it turns out to be shit,in which case I said nothing.

Saw Pudsey on telly yesterday.

Have quit smoking,had to stop drinking so i don't relapse on the fags.Upshot lamps fixed,curtains rehung shower curtain fixed.

Unpleasent rattling in the old poumons.

Love to you all

pol x

Tuesday, September 09, 2003

Hmm, such a big name for the wee hash key. But at least it's not an octodog. I mean - kids need junk food to be made more exciting?! That's it Bill, if we have kids, we're going to live in a bomb shelter and just eat tins of corned beef and mushy peas.

This has to be the best playboy cover of all time. Go Burt!

Monday, September 08, 2003

Bill you mean you didn't know that?

What is the world coming to.


it's called a f##king Octothorpe!

Thursday, September 04, 2003

Blimey. I tried to look at the diegesis site to see when you were going to be doing your talk Harry, and the website is totally stuffed. Hurray for technology in Victoria!

Does anyone remember the wesley willis song that I think someone wrote when braig D left infogrames?
Craig has a stamp saying 'not paid enough to care'!
Craig is a vegetarian and likes sushi!