Friday, June 27, 2003

Average conversation in the NoodleBob household:
FN: I'm working really hard, can you make me a cup of tea?
BJB: Ooh, I dunno 'bout that.
FN: Please, I'm really thirsty, so don't fuck it up. Just water and a teabag together at last.
BJB: No rocks?
FN: No, no rock, just the teabag and water. Hot water. From the kettle hot water, not from the tap hot water.
BJB: No garlic either then?
FN: Nope. And no cornflour.
BJB: Ok.
FN: Thanks.

Amazing what you'll think of at 2am when you've got lots of batch files running.

Thursday, June 26, 2003

one of our films has been chosen as one of 12 finalists at the sour grapes film festival in sydney.

screening will be on saturday july 19th in sydney.

anyone up for a roadtrip?

Fox fighting an eel in aspic.


Mrs Noodle-Bob. I am off to the land of your People..........LEEDS,so good they named it.
Well Hatfeild...well Osset really.

Anyhow it is more cash than I have ever earned in blighty,although many would take issue as to whether I have EARNED monies anywhere.

SO I settle me debts,live in quiet Wakefeild keep me overheads underhand and lengthen all my pockets whilst shortening my fingers and wearing mittens should be back in the land of the lively sonn....ish.

Joes changes hand again! Lord alcrikey I should step in as the places guardian and stop this.

It is mine in spirit if not law.

Harry stop working and are Torus looking for able muppets such as I to man their doodle boxes (computrs to the plebs)

Also did you know that the Dutch for Bag pipes is Doodle Sack.

I applied for a gig in the ACT some outfit called irrational,they seem interested...though not so interested to stump up some air line tickets.No surprise there.
Anyhow,internet porn doesn't down load itself you know


fantastical interview special over at The Onion AV Club this week features Tom Waits, Pam Grier and Alan Moore among others. Check it out.

Wednesday, June 25, 2003

Mmmm. Rumours.

"Subject: have a look at this livid lineup!!! See you all there.

nobody's meant to know this, but oh well, here's the lineup anyway.

White Stripes, Marilyn Manson, Linkin Park, A Perfect Circle, Patti Smith, Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, Hot Hot Heat, Eels, Jurassic 5, Me First & The Gimme Gimmes, Yeah Yeah Yeahs, The Roots, Thievery Corporation

...and *maybe* Radiohead...but thats just a rumour. anyhow all the rest are confirmed so have fun purchasing tickets."
In other news, the melbourne international animation festival is on, and it's good.

Sunday, June 22, 2003


at work.

not leaving for another hour.

been here for about 8 hours already.

project-killer deadline on friday.

meetings & code-reviews.

i want my life back. hooray for time in lieu!

Mistur Callaghan! please pass on me besst to Tori and get well soons type o thing.

Well i got a nice fat job offer and I think (only think mind you) that i have the Climax gig in the bag.I also went for another inerview yesterday...which i think i also got.

Shakey shakey ketchup bottle,
none'll come and then the lot'll.

Harry do not work so hard,relax,let gravity prevail and so forth.

WellI am going to go to the pub to drink some beer and work on my rapidly burgeoning waistline.



Saturday, June 21, 2003

congrats mr sigerson!

climax did lander, and something else i can't quite remember. i have been working pretty non-stop for the past 3 weeks, so my brain has turned to mush.

it's odd, i started this week thinking: "I'll just finish the effects today, and that'll be me!" and by friday i've been in 3 days worth of meetings & i'm running around trying to coordinate a team of 7 ai guys :/ funny how these things go.


tori is still here, but she's been pretty ill for the past few months :( she's cool. good & professional & smart.

Friday, June 20, 2003

Werll the boy Sigreson has got him a job 25k in west yorky! But he also went to Brighton yesterday and is going to be called back for interview number 2.
Climax? have you heard of em?...really good stuff,fun and in Mr and Mrs Boy Slim land.
I have had enough of the grim north maybe i should just go south and be soft whilst drinking shandy (bein blonde naturalment).
Id on't want to fuck up the one job waiting for the other,but the thing is that my boyhood hero Mick McMahon works at Climax!!...this is the gadge who defined Judge Dredd and the ABC warriors amd and anad .
I wanna have him as a colleague.
You're never too old to be a fan boy.
Love to you all.


Oh Harry,is Tori White still at Torus or is she one of the new raft of managers at Blue tongue?

more time killing fun - 20 Questions. Although, it would appear to be a little flawed, because I picked desklamp and although it guessed in 28 questions, it also pointed out to me the following:
Uncommon Knowledge about a desk lamp
Is it used in a sport? I say Probably.
Does it have teeth? I say Probably.
Is it a carnivore? I say Probably.
Is it clear? I say Probably.
Is it a type of bird? I say Probably.
Is it used with animals? I say Probably.
Can it cry? I say Yes.
Does it fly? I say Probably.
Does it have eyes? I say Probably.
Does it eat fish? I say Yes.
Is it striped? I say Probably.
Is it used to record an event? I say Probably.
Is it a specific color? I say Yes.
Does it have feelings? I say Probably.
Is it fluffy? I say Yes.
Is it warm? I say Probably.

I've never seen my desklamp eat fish. But then, I'm not in the study all the time.

very cool and interesting in a surreal and frankly terrifying way:

The North Korean Government Press Agency website

Thursday, June 19, 2003

Computer stupidity site... great for wasting time when you should be tucked up in bed...
One of my favourites:
I had this conversation recently with a lady who swore she had been using computers since forever.

Tech Support: "All right. Now click 'OK'."
Customer: "Click 'OK'?"
Tech Support: "Yes, click 'OK'."
Customer: "Click 'OK'?"
Tech Support: "That's right. Click 'OK'."
Customer: "So I click 'OK', right?"
Tech Support: "Right. Click 'OK'."

Customer: "I clicked 'Cancel'."
Tech Support: "YOU CLICKED 'CANCEL'???"
Customer: "That's what I was supposed to do, right?"
Tech Support: "No, you were supposed to click 'OK'."
Customer: "I thought you said to click 'Cancel'."
Tech Support: "NO. I said to click 'OK'."
Customer: "Oh."
Tech Support: "Now we have to start over."
Customer: "Why?"
Tech Support: "Because you clicked 'Cancel'."
Customer: "Wasn't I supposed to click 'Cancel'?"
Tech Support: "No. Forget that. Let's start from the top."
Customer: "Ok."
I spent the next fifteen minutes re-constructing the carefully crafted setup for this lady's unique computer.

Tech Support: "All right. Now, are you ready to click 'OK'?"
Customer: "Yes."
Tech Support: "Great. Now click 'OK'."

Customer: "I clicked 'Cancel'."

Wednesday, June 18, 2003

Oooh no birds! not a hot tip .

Team 17 are going to be in a haggle through the agency so I find out what the score is soon.
Ah sod it I go live in Leeds and ask Mz Noodle Bob where to go and live ok and the rest,setle debts save cash cahange to dollars (experience millionairedom briefly)come home!!
I keep trying to get onto the Who want a shit load of cash prog.The questions are piss easy and they pay in HARD currency!
Alas they have a brain detector on the phone line that disqualifies you if you have more than the alloted 12 synapses.

One day !!!


Tuesday, June 17, 2003

You got the job? when do you find out?

Wakefield is not that bad, at least it's not Hull, if you want culture, there's Bretton Hall (where I narrowly escaped doing a fine art degree), which has the Yorkshire sculpture park, if you want beer, there's a whole shitload of excellent breweries in Yorkshire. (Ex CAMRA girl here.) I seem to remember the Talbot & Falcon in Wakefield, and if you're going to Leeds, there's Whitelocks and the Duck & Drake. Hurray for Beer.

Middlesborough might be a bit scary, I seem to remember there being no birds there at all, due to the ICI (chemical) factory.

Pelicans evil discguised in comedy!

Harry bad/good news there!
Well i think i got the job at team 17,25 large I think! 10 mins outside Leeds Ms Pops so I can go and pick a fight in Pudsey,as I think they will all be soft bears with comical ailments.
Next one on Thursday in Brighton,then on in Gateshead Friday,then one in Middlesborough on Monday!
I kinda fancy the Fatboy Slim land one.
As ever I keep you all posted.
Oh and the dole bought the tickets to Leeds and team 17 reimbursed me £47 to me !!


As it says in the movie title - "Harry - he is here to help"

Couldn't resist.

Monday, June 16, 2003

when i started at torus the publisher was worried about 2 things:

the special effects.
the ai.

after me being on the effects for about 2 months the publishers started focusing on the AI.


month, after month, after month they failed to meet their self-imposed deadlines, and the entire team has become steadily more grumpy with them.


i got called into a meeting today and asked to take over the AI team. promotion of sorts i guess, but also an odd sort of reward for doing your job :/

good luck with your job stuff mr sigerson.

Perhaps some of the less prolific posters on this here forum could use some help from the apathetic blog post generator

Beatallica - a revolution in fusion. You know you want it.

Sunday, June 15, 2003

Erk, dodgy games companies in the UK... I think a friend of mine ended up at Team 17... Pol, did you know Irrational in Canberra are looking for people? Ok, the pollies are there, but there's also a big pile of porn in Fishwyck (sp).

In other news, Harry is now on Film Probation, after Alexandra's Project at the Nova. From now on, films about blonde law students, and ugly people having rows are strictly off my list.

If anyone needs me, I'll be watching Zoolander. (The files are *in* the computer?)

Saturday, June 14, 2003

team 17: that's weird. i was just thinking about trying to track down a copy of alien breed 3d & play it on an emulator.

hoh well, maybe i'll go to bed instead :/

Friday, June 13, 2003

boring by now,got an inter veiw on mOnday and another on Wednesday.With team 17 and Climax respectively.
You never know it might even become a job.

Thursday, June 12, 2003

All is explained,the company in IOW is hiring from eastern europe,hooray for bulgarians...bastards.

pretty pictures

Wednesday, June 11, 2003

I went to the IOW when I was a kid. I seem to remember eating really nice cheese from the local farm, and that all the supermarkets were SPAR supermarkets. Which meant that all you could buy were teabags, water biscuits and ajax.

It might have changed though.

Cheers Mz Pops,I had a ma\il from a com in the Isle of Wight (hereafter IOW).They have enormous difficulty in getting peeps to relocate there and so they offer 21k at the high end of the pay scale...oooh no incentive there.

Please note mien aussie pals that £21k is the equivelant of A$21k, WTF?

IOW......but i said I would go for interview if they pay the travel expenses,if nothing else it would be a grtand day out to the sea side.

I will keep you posted


Ooh blogger has changed. Does this make the Feistynoodle layout oldskool?
Pol good luck with the interview type stuff.
Meanwhile, I have been having strange discussions with clients lately:
1. for a buck's night website - trying to contact people to transfer domain names, and was warned off by 2 web designers, who mentioned they'd been threatened to have their kneecaps broken by the hell's angels cause of the website!!! Fortunately, the guy I'm working for is the *new* owner, who makes you coffee when you have a meeting with him, oh, and pays up front.
2. A marketing website for a local wine region, talking to the guy, who wants a nice domain name that people can remember - like That rolls off the tongue! Crazy...

Monday, June 09, 2003

Well i had an interview today with a new company in Edinburgh.
Elements of Rockstar and visentertainment,looking for a concept artist.

please please please.


harry you game nice like a bit ol thingy.

Sunday, June 08, 2003

oh my god.
blogger's all different.


but it's 6:22 on sunday afternoon, and i'm still at work, and getting grumpier by the second.

still, here's some previews of the game:


Wednesday, June 04, 2003

Cheville = ankle and I remember this because "d'avoir une cheville bien prise" means to have a well turned ankle. God knows why I remember that, probably the same reason I remember "virgule point" (decimal point).

take me to the nearest hospital ... my small intestine is wrapped around my left nut?


find your queer as folk personality!

...never mind

Tuesday, June 03, 2003

veuillez me diriger vers l'hôpital le plus proche? mon petit intestin s'est enroulé autour de ma cheville gauche

Sunday, June 01, 2003

You know, it's kind of a shame that we never got the amazing device(tm) off the ground and all got filthy rich. Because it might have been nice, just once and for a bit of a kick, to buy myself, as a treat A FUCKING AIRCRAFT CARRIER

just imagine the fun trying to parallel park it

or the conversations with your mates
"sure, quite frankly the mileage is shithouse, and it costs $18,000 to fill up, but you get 12,000 nautical miles to the tank, and let's not beat around the bush here, it's A FUCKING AIRCRAFT CARRIER"

get the kids, ready, mrs noodle-bob, we're goin fishin.