Friday, September 26, 2003

an instant message conversation with my brother

steve: Cool.....I have cable modem in this hotel so I am trying to go nuts downloading things.
steve: I can't find anything good

billyjoebob: make sure you don't get charged per megabyte

steve: I will have to check

billyjoebob: it might be a good idea bfore you download that 27mb file called teenpartyslutsanal.mpg

steve: can't find that one

billyjoebob: ring the desk
billyjoebob: seriously
billyjoebob: because i got a $212 bill for a month of access yesterday

steve: My connection didn't work in my room so I slipped across the hall into an open room that had just been cleaned

billyjoebob: bwhahahhahahahahahahahahaha


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