Wednesday, January 14, 2004

Well, if we can't win at the world cup then it's only fair that we get the world's worst serial killer.

Pol, I'm working for AIE, with David Giles and Matt Curtis... I am the "Senior Art Tutor" which basically means I teach 2nd year. It's part time, and I'm using Max... are you still using that too? I may shoot you a few questions... It's part time, except Im there more than normal at the moment, because I"m making up time in lieu from xmas and new year, and I'm also trying to write the curriculum. (gulp) Bizarrely, our campus is on Level 8, 14 Queens Road as infotari shrank. We all spend a lot of our time avoiding the upstairs types.

Hey, has anyone else watched wife swap? (Other than Harry and Liz who told us about it... it's like watching a car crash!


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