Friday, December 19, 2003

happy birthday mr sigerson! you keep cropping up in conversations i have with various people. your influence lingers here like a duck that's addicted to stale sandwiches.

i just watched being john malkovich. charlie kaufman is a genius and my new god! i will be erecting a statue to him shortly, albeit a stooped, fat, and balding statue.

i quit torus the other day. Bill (insane managing director) spat the dummy big time, and gave what i consider one of the lamest parting shots i've ever come across!

Me: We're just trying to be professional here.
Bill (storming off): Well you can go and be professional somewhere else.

it's also strange that with every job i've ever quit / been fired from (with the exception of my 6 month general electric contract) i've been congratulated on the event. almost as though 90% of jobs in the games industry are dirty little things to be escaped from.

And i discovered that fallopian tubes have little hairs inside them to help the sperm along...well, those sperm that aren't decimated by the acid wall before hand...



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