Saturday, December 27, 2003

Coming home from the Rivoli, having just purchased a pile of LOTR tickets i spy a girl on the corner of Toorak & Chapel who's the spitting image of my ex girlfriend from the UK. i mention it to Liz, we chat about a little, but then our conversation returns to our staple of poo and fart jokes.

I think no more about it.

A few days later while christmas shopping in the city i spy her on a tram as it passes. i get the feeling she's looking at me, but i put that down to paranoia. Again i mention it to Liz but she retaliates with a farting noise from the side of her mouth and a comment about how an old hobo further down the street is 'my boyfriend'

Weird, I think, and mention it to a friend who says: "everyone has a clone, don't worry about it."

This afternoon I get a phone call from my parents, who are in the country visiting me.

"Are you alone?" my mum asks. "yup," i reply, "liz has gone home to do some stuff."
"ok," my mum says, and there's one of those weird pauses where you suddenly realise something you're not going to like is creeping closer.

"We bumped into Cath yesterday," she says, "On the tram. She accosted us and i had no idea who she was. She's travelling with her boyfriend and is here until march."

And harry was like: WTF MATE!?!?!

i mean, it's weird enough that she's over here and that i kept seeing her. There are people i know in melbourne that i don't see regularly. but the fact that my PARENTS of all people are the ones who run into her...

i don't like it...

but my dad has her phone number and i guess it would be rude not to make some sort of contact...

still...strange...little spun out...but ROTK tonight to take my little mind off the whole thing.


p.s. if anyone has any advice how best to deal with a situation like this, please let me know...thanking you!


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