Thursday, December 04, 2003

Oooh, old school, I actually logged into blogger instead of using blogthis...

Yes, we're all okay after the crazy weather... in preston we had a 3 hour storm with constant thunder and lightning, and giant hail... okay, giant hail is destructive, but it's also kind of exciting - when it's hitting your tin roof, it's louder than an overhead thunderclap, and the dogs liked it too, they tried to eat it. We were lucky that the flooding didn't hit us, a couple of blocks away, the roads were flooded.

Also embarrassed to admit I had a dream about Richard Gere last night. Thankfully, it was an *odd* dream, in which RG was bitten by a cat, and then half turned into one, and lived in a seamy feline underworld. No more cheese before bedtime for me. Although the underworld thing could have come from the fact that I blagged a free bottle of wine from Chopper Read, who had a wine stall at Sexpo this year, and I've been impressed with my blagging skills all week... :-)


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