Monday, April 04, 2005

God, we're slack. Nearly a month between posts.

I guess the reason I haven't posted a lot is that icreasingly my life seems to be preoccupied with the whole pregnancy thing... it gets in the way (of me leaning forward, of sitting up straight at my desk and still being able to reach the keyboard...) So you get the idea.

When you realise that any second now, you could suddenly start being a mum, life gets a bit strange, not to mention scary. How am I going to not fuck it up? When Bill and I were talking about kids, there's so much we didn't think about - who is going to explain war/poverty/the liberal party? How do you explain to a small child that there are bad people out there, but no, really, you're safe?

The other night at about 3am, we heard an unusual noise in the living room. Being that it takes me several minutes to get out of bed (dunno what will happen if there is ever a fire!) bill got up to find purdey sitting bolt upright (and clearly pleased with herself) in the wicker bassinette. Yes she was naughty, and yes it had better not be something she tries when pumpkin is here, but I wish bill had taken a picture.

How do explain this kind of stuff to a kid, "sorry you're not allowed to play horsey with the dogs/cover the kitchen with flour to make snow/charge headfirst and repeatedly into a wall with a bucket on your head, but it's okay for us to laugh at you and film it for funniest home videos"?


At 4:44 PM, Blogger billyjoe noodle-bob said...

same way my dad did.



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