Saturday, January 15, 2005

Hello chasps ... I've only just remembered I have a login here and so am going to take a moment away from my regular livejournal (username 'b0rken') ramblings (their servers, all gazillion of them, are down, apparently) to fill you in on the crawling horror of my everyday machinations.

A year ago last September I was 'roughed up' in town near cnr. swanston and lonsdale ... a 'guardian angel' type soul spotted the chicanery and thus we have a trial to attend shortly. Unfortunately for me, recently on the great vic bike ride my head exploded in a post-traumatic stress scenario and i started eating my bathers, land swimming at the beach and other such eccentric acts that only the English aristocracy can get away with. I must have especial genes or sommat.

Umm where was I. Whinge whinge. Yes, I'm orff to shout at rocks at Phillip Island with fithir and stepmithir and halfbrithir for about a week, so I'll be even less contactabubble that I usually am. ping me on +614 0155 6475 if yez want to catch up ... hope you're all well and coping with the seasonal affectation disorder 'january slump'. Foowzeh got any typing ya need done?


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