Thursday, August 14, 2003

I Jeremy Paxmanned someone!!! I was terrific!

Sorry, for the "start a conversation in the middle" exclamation... but -
In december Purdey (beautiful weimaraner with pic in menu on left hand side) had puppies. All went to new homes 8 weeks later, and two went to the same home. The first of these two was paid for, and the second was to be paid in instalments. Fair enough, except the people who took them never paid any money. Cutting a long story short, we went to see them a couple of nights ago to either get the dog back, or get the money. They freaked out, and eventually agreed to give us the cash. I phoned them today to arrange to get the money, and they were all shirty, saying we'd broken our agreement (ha!) to go there tonight, etc, and so I stopped playing good cop.

No wonder half my ex boyfriends don't speak to me any more.

Choice exerpts:
"Well you obviously don't wear the trousers, so put me on to Lesley, because I want to talk to the person who does make the decisions."

And the Paxman moment:
"You're going to take this to court?! You do know they're going to ask you 'why haven't you paid for the dog?'"
(weak excuse no.1): "We don't trust Robert to sign the papers"
"Why haven't you paid for the dog?"
(weak excuse no.1 again): "but we don't trust Robert to si--"
"Why haven't you paid for the dog?"
(weak excuse no.2): "but you broke your agreeme--"
"Why haven't you paid for the dog?"
(not even getting sentences out by now): "but you--"
"Why haven't you paid for the dog?"

All this plus a hell of a lot of swearing and The Condescending Voice.

I rule. (And I feel great!)


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