Thursday, August 07, 2003

A visitor? Oh my goodness, and I wore my pyjamas all day yesterday too.

Harry, I liked Intacto - I can't say that it's my favourite film of all time, but I think it has definitely been one of the highlights for me. It does seem that the festival is deteriorating... or maybe my expectations are too high, fuelled by a nostalgia of ye olde filme festivals past. I'm wondering how the festival organisers came to some of their decisions, and there appears to be several ways to choose a film -
1. Pick something that'll get a major arthouse release anyway, so people can say they saw it first at the festival
2. Let a certain person choose all the Hong Kong/kung fu movies, but make sure he picks ones that have been playing in double bills for at least the past 5 years at Chinatown Cinema, for less than the price of a single MIFF ticket
3. Fact! Everyone likes French films about sex
4. Pick the celluloid equivalent of a 90 minute long non sequitur, because if people don't understand it they'll think you're smart for picking it, when in reality, you don't understand it either. (trust me no one will assume you're a wanker with a penchant for the emperors new clothes.)

In other news, I have perfected a recipe for chocolate orange muffins (badnaughtywicked) and been quite in awe of this image which is a digital recreation of a pic from a magazine ( corresponding how-to here).


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