Wednesday, August 06, 2003

more filmic nonsense:

Noi Albinoi
cool icelandic film about an albino kid named noi. slow burner, but funny and interesting.
odd french film about a gay couple living in an abandoned ballroom & one of them going slowly mad...i think :)
Cabin Fever
ok horror film. seen it all before though & done better (evil dead...i'm looking at you!)
House Of Fools
an insane asylum on the border during the russian / chechyan war. strange because it had bryan adams in it...singing...even with that it was good. i like films about mad people :)
good idea, well executed. but like a lot of the festival missing *something* to make it brilliant.
Trouble Every Day
first of the french sex / cannibalism films. vincent gallo is SHIT! odd and dull. which is strange considering the subject matter.
Taste Of Cherry
iranian film about a bloke driving around trying to find someone to bury him after hi kills himself. sounds rubbish but is actually really good.
Secret things
BONKERS french film about sex and death and desire. brilliantly melodramatic in the way that only the french can be. lots of sex, lots of pontificating about the war of the sexes, lots of nudity.
Swimming pool
dissapointing self-referential film that reminded me of adaptation, but without any of the intelligence or wit.
In My Skin
second of the french sex / cannibalism films. felt more like an endurance test than a film, especially when the main female character starts eating bits of her own arm...still, for all that...sort of dull.

still got about 8 films to go see, but up until now i feel like the festival has been dull. everything is technically competent, well acted (with the exception of all the real girls), and looks good...but they're mostly just dull stories.

hoh well.


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