Monday, March 17, 2003

Pol you need to harness the power of the image tag. type the following, only with < and > instead of { and }.
{img src="" border=0}

should result in

In other news: I dyed my hair black. Changing one's hair colour is a fairly mild form of self-mutilation or self-abuse, second only to not washing oneself or not cleaning one's teeth. Or not sleeping and going mad as a consequence of sleep deprivation. Then comes circumcision ... ear piercing ... tattoos ... 'body modification' ... but then wearing shoes every day is a form of self-abuse, because our feets would be nice and spread out if it weren't for them shoes what we wears every week ...

Also Pol sir if you wanted to use that image to link to something else, maybe your tattooist, it would go a little something like this ...

{a href=""}{img src = border = 1}(/a)

Also: Happy St Patrick's Day, Paddies Plastic and Geniune Alike! Best piece of Nationalist PR there ever was, like, so. I wonder when George intends on invading Ireland ... I hear they have lots of terrists up there. Can anyone else hear the thunderclouds rumbling? I can't believe that hick moron made jokes during yesterday's Azores meeting:the one where he didn't even have the cojones to admit he was threatening an invasion of Iraq.


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