Sunday, February 23, 2003

via comes this shocker, Prison for lesbian slasher.

A teenage lesbian who went berserk after discovering her partner had been having sex in a churchyard with her best friend was jailed for three years on Friday.
I wonder how England's killer goth lesbians compare to Germany's. (Insert jokes about Berkshire here)

In other news, if you're in Melbourne, make sure you check out the T-Shirt Show on at the Fitzroy Gallery, Fitzroy St, before Thursday. The Broken Pac-Man shirt I inspired is on display, as are oodles of trendy slackerwear.

Pol old chum just think of the damage you'll be able to inflict, sober, in the next swedge that you find yourself in. "These hands are registered as lethal weapons, me." Thought about sitting cross-legged contemplating the Universal Oneness? Pol the Zen Scouser Warrior Monk. All you need is a channel nine logo on your forhead and you're set. This fellow brings fresh meaning to the word 'dothead' ... Lei-Fei from Virtua Fighter 4. "Hobby: Praying."


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