Friday, March 26, 2004

Okay, me again, I guess I am making up for lost time.

There's a guy who gets on my tram - well, it doesn't actually belong to me, but anyway, I keep seeing this guy, all dressed up like it's 1991 and always wearing a metallica tshirt - thankfully not always the same one, or I'd have to buy some of those crazy pine tree air fresheners and hang them around the tram, which could be difficult, because I think someone switches my tram under cover of darkness. I can't be sure.

Anyway, shouldn't more members of metallica have kicked the bucket by now? There are kids listening to metallica whose parents were in *school* when cliff burton unexpectedly left the band...

So I got to thinking about metallica, and thought they might like a bit of help for their next cd. So here's the tracklist:
1. All parents are evil
2. Two
3. I can still rock out even though I cut my hair
4. Pastor of muppets
5. I am like a tiger
6. Somewhere over the rainbow there is death and war
7. War is bad (but still kind of glorious)
8. Fight fire with water
9. People over thirty tell you lies (except for us)
10. Fucking sensitive


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