Friday, November 07, 2003

I am going to hijack your idea Harry.

I thought a second-person shooter would be where ... you get to play all the people that die in a FPS.

I bought the new 'wario' GBASP game-boy-advance-ess-pee or *big gay al voice* "great big assp!" ... game for my half-brother's tenth birthday. I mean for him. It's a bit of a 'blipvert' kind of game where you play these two or three second mini games, in sequence, to complete each stage. Kinda cute. Hella addictive.

So imagine what it would be like ... playing all the grunts, one at a time, respawning each time you get shot by the fiendishly over-equipped 'hero' of the game. And you get to play all the bosses. Like the blind idiot god at the end of Quake. *makes wet gibbering noises*

Not Nyarlathotep. The other one. The tentacly one. Not Cthulhu. Shub-Niggurath? Or was it Hastu-- rkkkcchhggg


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