Thursday, November 13, 2003

Couldn't anyone else have gotten Alex too, I feel like some crazy person here! Speaking of crazy, over the last 2 days, bill and I have watched city of lost children, and don't look now - much crazy dwarf action, plus the added "highlight" of a lot of shots of Donald Sutherland's bum. (In don't look now). So yeah, bill thinks I've ordered the world's weirdest films from because those ones arrived first.. pfft, he should be thankful I didn't get the entire meg ryan back catalogue. Not that I'd want to, it's just the most grating stuff I can think of.

In other news, I went to court today! The crazy bogans who didn't pay for their dog (long story) and then eventually paid for it, too 4 people to court to get the signature of one person... they wore their best tracksuits to court though, so at least we got a laugh at their expense. (And the outcome was that we now have a court order to the effect that they can't breed sibling dogs with each other. Which is a big YAAYY! for us.)

Oooh, I've rambled, I'm going to go now.


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