Monday, July 28, 2003

I obviously didn't look closer at the halo on that poster when I was in the cinema - scissors and scalpels - niiice.

The film festival hasn't been that bad, no really it hasn't, honestly etc etc. There were definitely good bits in all films - and after watching demonlover, I know how to drug people on aeroplanes. How's that for edumacation?
Today was more consistently good. (James Hewison will be pleased to hear. Anyone else notice that he's channelling Roger Moore in his publicity photo at the front of the MIFF guide?)
Talk Straight: The World of Rural Queers - a bit of a gem, from the groovy bossa nova music throughought to the delightfully camp old gent in his "Uncle Monty" pad... It's a German film with all these guys who live with their parents, so they could afford to go to hotels and attend "Leather Jeans Parties" every weekend. Defiinitely worth a looksee.
Noi Albinoi - maybe I'll just wait until Harry has seen this before I post any comments - suffice to say I enjoyed it...


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