Sunday, August 24, 2003

The Gender Genie, an algorithm that determines the gender of the author of a given text, reports that my "Thankyou for reccomending Intacto, Feisty" post was a blokey one, and Feisty was in a female mood when she wrote "uh oh, three in a row.", as was Foozwah when he wrote 'Time for one of my infrequent posts".

"The Genie is not a threat to the author's masculinity. According to Koppel and Argamon, the algorithm should predict the gender of the author approximately 80% of the time."
That's the second time you've crashed an alt.religion.kibology party-like-event, or arkple, Harry! Isn't it time you joined? (bumped into H and L at the Astor today, you see.)


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