Monday, July 28, 2003

So, the film festival has started, and it's a horrible time of year to lose your good-at-choosing-films fu. So far, our film choices have been mixed... what I thought would be good was pants, and what I thought would be good was pa-- oh hang on.

The Grudge - didn't scare me as much as I think it was supposed to, but other than that, it was cool. But I do have to say, I'm glad I don't have about 19 cats, ar a crazy mother in law in the spare room.
House of 1000 Corpses - I kind of wanted this one to be scary, but with Rob Zombie directing, it didn't really happen that way... more of a white trash zombie gore fest, but it had a few creepy moments (moving scarecrows, dolls). Strangely, the guy who played Denise's father in HO1KC (god, I'm funny... or maybe it's 1am, and I'm wakeful) was in an episode if Buffy we watched the next day. The guy who played Captain Spaulding was a find - if only for his tshirt collection.
Demonlover - oh dear. It had a plot, but then the plot went off set to be in a more interesting movie, and unfortunately, the film carried on for about an hour after that. It could have worked so well! And someone please has to help gina gershon pick (or get picked for) better films.
Kaidohmahru & Interstella 5555 - the first one was a bit of a waste of time, the second one was much better but it was still watching a Daft Punk album.

The good thing is, we've been warned by about 6 people now not to watch La Vie Nouvelle so at least that's one ticket saved!


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