Wednesday, February 04, 2004

Today I was brainstorming a bit at the caff up the road over breakfast ... was thinking about that elite RTS game that's almost out, Escape from Woomera ... well ... is it a game ... or a pizza? I mean ... social commentary ... interactive fiction or interactive reality? interactive immersive fucking terror from my POV ... so yeah my notes this far.

Urban Game Hunter
First person perspective shooter / sneaker based on the activities of ecoterrorism group Earth Liberation Front. (As opposed to these guys, the Entropy Liberation Front. They make great Palm apps.

Missions include:

Burn the ski resort

Torch that extravagant, overpriced ski resort -- off season for wimps, high season for the die-hard (kill-hard?) 'no-one is innocent' crowd. No bodycount = page 10 in the New York Times, but thirty dead? Presidential message to nation! A Winner Is You.

Motorway Siege

How many Hummers can you knock out in one night? Keep moving to avoid the feds. Extra points for capping people in convertibles. Blowing up moving cars is so much more interesting than burning them in the caryard. Not that that can't be fun ... (even though the millions of shitty poorly-tuned vehicles contribute just as much to Greenhouse Gas emissions as the few shiny gas munching SUV/4WDs that they like to whinge about ... but how else would we get to the Anarchist's Meetings?)

Liberate da chickens

sneak into battery farm, disable security systems, load chickens into transports, rehabilitate them at ... I dunno, the local hippy commie feral farm, where they are re-integrated into modern socialist chicken lives ... COMRADES!

Okay so I can't think right now. Might have something to do with being laid just now. I mean laid off. Buuhuu. What is it with this fucking blog! IT IS CUERSD

NB. if DARPA can do MMORPG to see if they can beat 'asymmetrical warfare' then surely this is just a 'modelling' exercise. Maybe it will help work out why the Fuzz haven't been able to catch them ... well ... catch them all :)


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