Monday, March 07, 2005

For those who may not have heard Adam Lancman , ex ceo of Melbourne House and apparatchik of atari Melbourne house died last Friday of a heart attack.

Now we all may have disagreed with Adam over the years but it is odd to think that he is dead!

Queue the ensuing undignified scramble for the job between Get Carter and Cunte.


At 5:57 PM, Blogger Feisty said...

Yes the whole thing was very weird. Probably what we forgot to post on the blog, was that three or four weeks prior, Adam was made redundant to make room for a new evil overlord. Of course, this is just mere conincidence...

Anyway, I went to the funeral, it was very strange and horrible (in a "not nice to see other people grieve" kind of way). Jewish funerals also seem way more serious than catholic ones, partly because they have better singing than catholics do, and partly because the actual burial is a bit in your face, it says "This person is going in the ground now. In a big box. They're going in the ground - look we're putting him in - and they're never coming out again. So there."


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