Wednesday, December 29, 2004

proving, if proof were ever needed, that a litttle shit falls on us all,I fracture a toe and then come down with flu on christmas eve.

So today is the forst day since then that i can stand up without hanging onto the floor.

since Xmas Eve I have eaten 4 cheese sandwiches and a lot of diet Irn Bru, which i can reasonably assume is less of a xmas spread than you'd get in prison.
But on balance I suppose it's preferable to full spread and a thourough seeing to from Bubba.
So can't complain.

My sister continues in her quest to bring my machine to a halt by trying to send vast MPEGs of her son dancing ,despite my having told her that the fire wall is blocking them.
This is a trait that she has inherited from my mother.

Allow me to elucidate

My Mam had a 386, not a "P" anything mind just a pale brown box of horrors.
I got her a fancy new P2 400 and a 17 inch Iiyama flat screen monitor, which by comparison was concorde.
I dragged it up to glasgow , five hours on the road, hauled it up to her flat and plumbed it in.

Now I also got her a wee canon mono printer, and as I was only there over night I didn't get to fit everything but mum said she had a friend who could give her a hand.

Now i thought little more of it until about a month after when she mailed me to tell me that the printer wasn't working, I got new drivers and mailed them to her, still it didn'y work.

Now this steady back and forth continued for a couple of months until I was back up in glasgow.

I said I would see what I could do.

I plugged the lead into the back of it and the other end into the PC, plugged the power supply into and the other end into the wall, and turned it on.


god bless her but i had to move her finger for her to teach her the cut n paste hot keys, but she'll still transcribe BY HAND.


Pol x


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