Thursday, July 22, 2004

Totally agree, Feisty.  Mind you, whilst reading your post, I had a small mirror in one hand (after choosing which of the two I have in my bag to use) and was checking if I had a big clump of mascara beside my eye.  My defence is that I thought I had something in my eye and that it may now be stuck on my face making me look more stupid than usual.  No one was close by and the mirror was small.  I promise I didn't flick my hair at any point.
In regard to revelry - at work yesterday we started negotiations for our next enterprise agreement.  'Responsible alcohol consumption' is now going to be part of our work contract.  I think this tells you a bit about the kind of place I work in.  I wish we had a poorly constructed balcony.
Pol, in a totally unrelated matter, I have finally bought a blank CD and Harry has done some burning.  We'll get it in the post this weekend, c/o where you work.


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