Wednesday, July 07, 2004

hey there lovely people, Mr.Pol has a fat request.

My copy of Powderfinger's "Internationalist" got horribly fucked in transit.

And as I have paid them their dues already could someone bootleg me a copy?

I'll happily return the favour, or even payment in kind.....meow!!

I have become the worst sort of nostalgic, all things Aussie are good.

They pretty much are good but I am not accustomed to having rose tinted spectacles, so I keep

jumping the lights.

I have moved house and so everything hurts,even my hair. And I am off to Sweden tomorrow for a

holiday.How internationa?...really It's about as far as Tassie.

love to you all


PS And of course I have the GOOGLE toolbar, wouldn't be seen dead without it.


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