Tuesday, June 01, 2004

Oh Eve, BCT is truly a modern day menace (not really sure if it existed in the olden days...maybe the peasants were into it, I don't know). We have a new techie here who insisted on helping me plug all my computer back together after moving desks again recently. I told him he didn't need to. I'm not as stupid as people think. All I needed him to do was repatch my phone extension. But no. He was...eager. I didn't want to crush his spirit (not yet anyway) so I let him help. He bent down and crawled under my desk. He wears baggy trousers. He's hairy. I have to work with this boy/man/beast/techie. I seem to bump into him almost everyday. I have to smile and say hello. He is my new best friend. Oh the horror of the memory. Do you think there might be any support groups out there? BCTSG?


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