Wednesday, August 20, 2003

Ah this is a bit clever.
The directory assistance in the UK has closed down in favour of lots of companies charging you for what was a free service.
All the new companies numbers start with 118,but this one ends in 118 too.
So they have varius daft ads full of " I've got your number " being shouted by these ytwo 1970's distance runners.
The clever bit is the pastiche of the the new honda ad,where a honda accord has been taken apart and and arranged in such a way that a ball bearing rolls into a spring that turns the thing etc etc.
The cool bit is that he original ad has NO cgi in it is iall done for real.
See ad here it's called the cog.
118 118 can be seen here...if the spirit shold move you 118


oh and the bit where the wheels roll UP hill is real they weighted the wheels.


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