Wednesday, July 02, 2003

Alex,it's funny you should mention that but I was getting a lift in today and said I like the early eighties logo over the door.
Rico piped up yeah it awful ain't it?...I should never have drawn it.

Ah err sorry 'bout that etc.

BUt fortuneatly we saw the funny side.

The dickheads thing,am I right in saying that this is Dicjk Smith the man who almost ruined cheese by bringing out a version with him on it.

I miss Dick Smith and redheads and 4n20's And Solo (for it is lightly aereated) ans big M's and vegemite and you lot and crumpled packs of Stuyvos and long blacks and machiattos,coffees that don't come in bucket sizings,and souvlaki and counter meals and the insane phenomena that is the
Melbourne junkies (lifes great the place is smashing ...let's shoot up and suck dicks for a living) Hats,they don't wear hats over here,only burberry baseball caps which is now regarded as the official tartan of the clan Mc Bogan.
Mrs Noodle Bob,do you still have that anti Bill Bryson rant? as I have the powerful urge to make it up into a scrol and have said scroll tattooed onto my back.

I am in good spirits and am looking fwd to getting into some work,I just miss you alll and Melbourne in General.

Today I am learning Maya




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