Friday, June 20, 2003

Werll the boy Sigreson has got him a job 25k in west yorky! But he also went to Brighton yesterday and is going to be called back for interview number 2.
Climax? have you heard of em?...really good stuff,fun and in Mr and Mrs Boy Slim land.
I have had enough of the grim north maybe i should just go south and be soft whilst drinking shandy (bein blonde naturalment).
Id on't want to fuck up the one job waiting for the other,but the thing is that my boyhood hero Mick McMahon works at Climax!!...this is the gadge who defined Judge Dredd and the ABC warriors amd and anad .
I wanna have him as a colleague.
You're never too old to be a fan boy.
Love to you all.


Oh Harry,is Tori White still at Torus or is she one of the new raft of managers at Blue tongue?


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