Thursday, June 26, 2003

Fox fighting an eel in aspic.


Mrs Noodle-Bob. I am off to the land of your People..........LEEDS,so good they named it.
Well Hatfeild...well Osset really.

Anyhow it is more cash than I have ever earned in blighty,although many would take issue as to whether I have EARNED monies anywhere.

SO I settle me debts,live in quiet Wakefeild keep me overheads underhand and lengthen all my pockets whilst shortening my fingers and wearing mittens should be back in the land of the lively sonn....ish.

Joes changes hand again! Lord alcrikey I should step in as the places guardian and stop this.

It is mine in spirit if not law.

Harry stop working and are Torus looking for able muppets such as I to man their doodle boxes (computrs to the plebs)

Also did you know that the Dutch for Bag pipes is Doodle Sack.

I applied for a gig in the ACT some outfit called irrational,they seem interested...though not so interested to stump up some air line tickets.No surprise there.
Anyhow,internet porn doesn't down load itself you know



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