Monday, May 19, 2003

I say here's fun.

Right on thursdayy last I get a job offer in Bolton,HURRAH!,subject of course to money and start date.Which I think are two of the most normal things to ask about a job nes pas?
Anyhow I take an easy weekend waiting for Monday to roll around so as to finalise the crossing of eyes and the dotting of teas when..
They head hunted some over the week end because they wanted someone to start today.
I cannot believe this,Who in their right mind offers you a job in Bolton on a Thursday and excpects you to be there on Monday?
So once more I am thrown to the wolves.
I am going to phone these guys up and register my distaste.Which is a NO NO when you are going through an agency apparently.

What a shower of cunts.
Actually thinking about it it maybe a blessing for me,or my lever at least,not to share a post code with mr Mick Harrison.

Anyhow I will keep you posted with the laff a minit world of job hunting in the UK.



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