Friday, April 25, 2003

Well dearest best beloveds,
I think it went quite well,thery seemed to like me and my etchings.
It was in BOLTON so see if you can guess what happened next?
Correct,I met Mick for a quiet half before slippiong back into my Virgin Trains D class cattle transport.
Or rather that was the plan.
I sent Mick all your best.
Argh my head
Harry- You can see how movie moguls get the ladies to be the suckling at their gentlemen yes?
Now I am off to do a drawing test for another company in Newcastle.
You have to darw these inside a half hour.
Draw three farm yard animals
Draw something heavy
Draw an old woman
Draw a sinking ship
Draw a fast car
Draw a derelict house
Draw a girl
Draw a running man


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