Tuesday, April 08, 2003

Oh lord I feel rough,I had a great old time,don't get me wrong.Had a real laugh yakking with this old yank bloke.
So we were going drink for drink until i realised that I couldn't understand a word he was saying anymore.
Ah the perils of mr Boozarooni.
Anyhow I thought i shoulfd beat a hasty one before he got to the
"I love you,everbuddyelsssisakunt,butiloveyooo"
stage.But I was carrying a very large and heavy bag...and by this point equally cumbersome liver,so In the light wind I was a hazard to myself and a disgrace to bicycle riders everywhere.
I did the wise thing locked me bike and got a cab.
Now if I had remembered where I had locked the bike this would have been a great boon,but woe is I etc I forewent that precaution.
Starbucks it's quite a cool word really,and yet Tarbucks isn't,curious.
Once more unto the ...and the rest



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