Monday, April 07, 2003

dear all,well it seems to be something in the air!

just got laid off.

They lost a big job so suddenly there were squads of people on one smallish project,I was still on the 3 month trial so bingo,a very cheap dismissal.

It makes perfect sense financially.
Ah well the hunt for fulfilling work continues...So nthere will be no joy in the games industry then.
All I need is one year of solid work and I am in the balck and then some more saving and it is a triumphant return to Melbourne!!

well that's the plan at least.Actually I am pretty hopeful about another company called pitbull here in Newcastle,so if it means no relocation then it is good.
Soory I am rambling.
All the best on Pest Control Ian...which jujst checking the dates happened yesterday.
Well good luch after the event.


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