Monday, March 17, 2003

guys I have a small favour to ask.
I now have all the forms to fill in for the citizenship application,but two facts are answered nowhere,and seeing as you can't talk to anyone at australia house (not joking they have no outside manned number) I was wondering if one of you could phone the department of migration in lonsdale st and ask them two questions for me.

firstly how much does the application cost in A$s...I know seems daft but it really says nothing on the form or the website.

And secondly and more importantly can you apply from outside Oz?I am having the disaster premonitions.
I don't see why not as you have to be outside to get your permenant residency.

Anyhow if one of you could oblige I'd be enormously in your debt.
Phoning office hours for Melbourne from here is a bit tricky.
Oh and don't mention my name...dunno why not just an anonymous enquiry.
love to you all



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