Sunday, January 19, 2003

Eve,yeah the horrible thing is that I am going to have to phone the bank in Aus to to arrange phone banking to then use said phone banking to transfer the appropriate sums to the right place.

Argh complex unlpeasentness.Could be worse though I cou;ld be trying to pay off sterling with A$'s,or other soft currency.
I have yet to find a good coffe over here,they either make the huge girl coffe or the tiny ickle dark matter variety.
So I am getting a filter coffee anmd a double expresso and chucking them in together...will do for now.
Miss Australia,miss you all,britain feels a strange and alien plece to me.
I think I have made a mistake.
Not a life threatening one but an error none the less.
Kinky friedman was saying RoadKill (thanks Ian) that his earliest memory is of Danny Rosenthal getting out of a lake in the 1950's oblivious to the fact that a testicle was hanging in plain sight from the leg of his loose old style bathing costume.
Kinky then went on to say
"nowadays you don't see testicles hanging from bathing suits,tastes have changed"
I laughed so hard I thought I'd be sick.
As ever the yours from the furthest flung suburb of Melbourne,towhit me.
Vic 318889567422223


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